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We offer a progressive new approach to becoming a health practitioner

  • We believe that to be a successful and rounded practitioner you need to be able to address the nutritional, psychological and physical needs of your clients.

  • We realized that there was a gap in the training of complementary medicine students. Instead of learning a single discipline of complementary healthcare, with The College of Integrated Nutrition and Homeopathy you can combine an education in nutrition, homeopathy and herbal medicine, together with life coaching techniques, to become a new style of health practitioner equipped for the modern age.



The ethos of the School is to provide a transformative and deep experiential understanding of nutrition and life coaching. The alchemy of studying these subjects is to encourage an inner awakening of physical and psychological health.

The school aims to train students to a professional standard. On completion of the course the practitioner can then choose to start a professional practice.

Provide an enjoyable and rewarding experience in a friendly environment with like-minded people and create a safe environment for students to grow and transform through self-reflection and immersion into the subject areas.

The School provides the opportunity to join the registered professional bodies and participate in the wider communities for future continuing personal development.


Welcome to our Student Clinic

Our low cost student clinic welcomes all individuals seeking an improvement in their health. We offer affordable consultations.

People come with a variety of health concerns whether emotional or physical.  Some come to reflect on their general health and lifestyle and make positive changes, others come with specific symptoms or chronic health conditions.

Our students are trained will spend time asking questions about your health and getting to know you.

Once the information has been gathered and under the guidance of an experienced clinical supervisor a treatment plan will be arranged.

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