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Educating vs Schooling the Immune System Part 1

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Our immune system develops and grows from the womb onwards. Once a baby is born he/she is learning, growing and developing. The immune system is growing and developing along side.

The placental microbiome 'kicks off' early, then the journey through the birth canal starts. The nervous system starts to 'experience' a change as the cranium is ‘squeezed and released’ with the mother’s contractions. A new journey has begun as he/she moves down that birth canal. The journey down the birth canal is an important journey, was it smooth, was it fast, was there a bit of a 'pit stop' was there an emergency? All this is vital in health and well-being and in the development of the immune system.

How did you enter this world?

That first breath…what was it like? Was it boom, I am here, look at me, I am crying my lungs out? I am cold, wrap me up? Or was it more of ‘emergency’ situation? That first breath is important to the rest of life. Breath is everything. Some call this ‘Prana’, some ‘Chi’ some the ‘vital force’. We simply call it the ‘life force’. How we breathe, is fundamental to our well being.

Dr Frederick Leboyer says “Our breathing is a fragile vessel that carries us from birth to death”.

Arriving Earth-side.....

Now, we have arrived earth-side and from now on the immune system is ALIVE in a different way. It will be working with and for you for your whole life. The immune system does not work against you, nor take weekends off.

Our first line of defence are the physical barriers such as the skin. Remember that vernix layer, that creamy stuff on the newborn's skin. This layer of GOODNESS is anti-microbial and moisturizing. It keeps the developing baby all warm and protected (think physically as well as emotionally). It contains it's own antibiotic type peptides, it has oils and also it's own microbiome! It creates a barrier if you will, between the water (amniotic fluid) and the skin, so the skin remains moist and healthy. WHEN IT IS LEFT ON THE SKIN it provides the moisture whilst the newly born transitions from the sea of amniotic fluid to the dry land earth-side. Was this washed off straight after birth or were you kept 'unwashed' with allowing this precious layer more time?

Part of our training on the integrative nutrition and coaching diploma course is educating and empowering students on taking responsibility for their health, well being and education. They can then pass this onto their clients and their families. Nutrition is a vital part of living, those carbohydrates, those fats, those proteins do not magically create energy, we need that breath for the oxygen to burn that fuel and make energy, which is called ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

So let’s jump ahead to the infections, specifically acute infections. Part of our curriculum teaches students how to use homeopathy in acute situations, this is the Rapid Relief Homeopathy module. We have a few Rapid Relief Homeopathy blogs;

Acute illnesses are illnesses that come and pass. Such as a cold, a flu, a strep infection, a cut, a fracture, chicken pox, chest infection etc. These can be remedies with Rapid Relief Homeopathy whilst all the time working ‘under the hood’ with nutritional medicine and coaching skills.

We teach in a holistic manner, so that our students graduate prepared for the 21st century life. In this 21st century we have a new breed of health conditions and we believe we need a new breed of health practitioners to match that need.

Educating the Immune System

We believe in educating the immune system, not suppressing it, not taking away from the body’s innate healing wisdom.

As a naturopathic nutrition school we respect the inner wisdom of the body. Some may have fears around this, and some of us will see clients that have fear around trusting their body, we understand this, people have gotten used to taking a pill for an ill. Trusting our own body’s innate healing wisdom, does not come easy when we are bombarded by ‘fear’. This is where the coaching skills play a key role for our students in nutritional medicine.

In the first year of the diploma, students do their inner coaching work, learn how to trust their own intuition and inner wisdom and understand themselves.

The role of an integrative nutritionist, nutritional therapist, naturopath is much needed in this 21st century. Clients will come with a ‘lack of trust’ in their body’s healing wisdom, some will come with chronic illnesses, others may come with medications, others with a list of supplements and some come as they have been disappointed with the current health system.

A client's story is vital in their healing process and at the New School of Nutrition we are mindful of this and integrate this into our curriculum. The WHOLE person matters. Our curriculum is based on the PNIEM system (Psycho-Neuro-Immuno-Endocrine-Micrrobiome), our whole being is inter-connected like the world wide web, a cell in the big toes knows what is going on in a cell in the brain, there is no hiding inside.

For more on how we educate the immune system versus 'schooling' the immune system, got to Part 2 HERE.

TO WHOLE-ness!

From the team at the New School Of Nutritional Medicine.

Learn about the Founder & Principal of the New School of Nutritional Medicine, Dr Khush Mark PhD HERE.

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