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Inflammation: Can't live with it, can't live without it

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Inflammation is a language of the immune cells. It is absolutely vital. No communication, no health.

Inflammation HAS PURPOSE, 100%. The body does not produce gunk in the eyes, as it is bored, it does not get your eyes watering because it is hay fever season for fun, it is for a purpose. This may be toxic overload, it may be poor sleep, may be a 'leaky' gut, may be poor nutrition, may be poor detoxification pathways etc....


Inflammation is a sign that the immune system is 'talking', it is doing its job, it is healing.

The immune system consists of all manner of cells, and all these cells speak to each other via all manner of cytokines (these are the words of the immune system).

One cell may produce a shed load of histamine and another a bucket full of interleukin-10. These are all simply CYTO-KINES (chemicals produced by cells) ..their own language, without them the immune system cannot communicate. So when we suppress inflammation with anti-histamines, or anti-inflammatories it is a bit like taping the mouth of the cells. Putting 'tape over their mouth' is not solving the issue. They are still 'trying to 'communicate' but some force (medication) is more overpowering and putting the brakes on at the wrong time and some times in the wrong place.

The recent virus has taught us that inflammation is VITAL but too much is not so great, and it has been called the cytokine storm . No one wants a cytokine storm, but the immune cells are screaming out 'guys we have work to do, come on get your back sides into gear and sort this out, this is serious and at the same time, you back sliders over there keep sending out the anti-inflammatory 'lot'.

The gob-smacking awesome immune cells not only speak the language of inflammation but there are some in the community that speak the language of 'anti-inflammation'....the balance is where the magic happens.

The virus has taught us that inflammation inducing foods (junk food put simply), only speak to the inflammatory speaking cells, this creates a 'forest fire' within.

What can you do?

Learn the language of balance ...this language looks like ;

- Nourishing foods

- Healthy sleeping habits

- Bathing in nature

- De-stressing

- Exercising

- Saying goodbye to the fat cells (they produce their own inflammatory chemicals)

- Social connection

- Feed your microbiome

- Support the barriers of the so-called innate immune system such as skin, avoid cosmetics with toxins

Inflammation is the language of our immune cells, it is not something that needs to be masked, or suppressed, or blocked...it is the balance between the two, yin and yang, acid and alkaline, masculine and feminine.

Without inflammation we would die....it is when inflammation is ongoing, it becomes an issue. Those that experienced chronic virus symptoms, long C*V** had/have issues with this balance. But do not blame inflammation, do not blame the pathogen, it is the terrain that is poorly nourished.

By the way taking tumeric, garlic, omega 3, ginger, colloidal silver, in supplement form daily is also not addressing the root cause. One needs to be asking 'why is this inflammation ongoing?' Is it due to the gut? Is it due to the household cleaning chemicals? Is it due to the toxic relationship? ....Just swapping from a pharmaceutical pain-killer to a 'green' pain killer, is still ignoring the core issue.

At the New School of Nutritional Medicine we do not ignore the core issue, we believe and teach about addressing the root cause.

To WHOLEness!

From the team at The New School Of Nutritional Medicine

Learn about the Founder & Principal of the New School of Nutritional Medicine, Dr Khush Mark PhD HERE.

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