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Naturopathic Nutrition Course: Dear potential 21st century practitioner.....

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

We know it is a big deal, making what seems like a rather life changing decision.

Firstly, the questions and the research are all valid, do your research and ask more questions. We have blogs to help answer some of the questions but also to share the essence of this School. We have our live recorded zoom webinar that you can request here if you are interested in joining the course.

Is it a nutrition course? Is it a naturopathic nutrition course? Is it an accredited course? In other words will it provide me with what I am looking for and/or need for my future goals?

The questions above are a 'much of a muchness' but they are important to address. First, simply this integrated nutrition medicine diploma course is accredited. This is more than a naturopathic nutrition course, it is more than a naturopathic nutrition diploma course.

The search for that course can be overwhelming. Here is some advise, before applying to any school of naturopathy, be it nutrition, naturopathic nutrition, coaching school, homeopathy school etc.

  • What is your vision?

  • What do you want to get from a course?

  • What do you want to do following the course?

  • Do you enjoy learning?

  • Are you intrinsically motivated?

  • Do you feel excited by the course?

  • Have you met some of the teachers?

  • Have you met the principal? Do they resonate with you?

  • What is the vision of the school? Does that vision resonate with you?

For this integrated nutrition medicine diploma course specifically....

  • Do you understand the difference between coaching and mentoring?

  • Do you understand the difference between a naturopathic nutrition course versus a nutritional medicine course?

  • Do you know why we teach specific functional tests?

  • Why do functional tests?

  • Why add in rapid relief homeopathy?

This nutrition course is a naturopathic nutrition course as well as a nutrition medicine course

So what does NATUROPATHIC nutrition course mean exactly?

'Naturo' means natural and 'pathic; means suffering, in other words using natural methods for easing suffering. FOOD is natural, but more than that healing with food would be considered naturopathic. so yes this course is a naturopathic nutrition course. However, In this 2 year integrated nutrition diploma course, which comes under a naturopathic diploma course, the difference is we cover functional tests and we also teach nutritional supplements, which are not so naturopathic but more nutritional medicine.

However, we teach certain naturopathic methods, such as for the digestive system, for the respiratory system, for the excretory system. We teach cell salts which are considered more 'naturopathic', we teach 'potentised' herbs which are also considered naturopathic. So can you see why it can be overwhelming?

This is not a SOLELY a naturopathic nutrition diploma course

A Naturopathic nutrition diploma course would not cover half of the curriculum that we have put together at the New School. Let's look at coaching.

When a client comes to see an integrated nutrition medicine practitioner, the coaching skills are fundamental.

In today's society, post the virus era, we have people who are stressed, who are living with a sick relative or child, who maybe 'getting through' life with the pains and aches.

As an INTEGRATED practitioner in the 21st century, understanding your client is critical, not optional. Throwing a whole load of functional tests is useless, this client may just 'need' space to be heard, space to 'unwind' that 'coiled up' nervous system. It may look all fancy to do a test but is it necessary right now? We teach this, we believe in integrity, in being a 'healer', not a 'fixer'. In order to be an instrument in other people's healing, we need to be instrumental in our own healing our own inner work. Year one of the coaching module is all on the 'inner coaching'. Working practically in groups on our own mindset, our own nervous system, our own belief system(s), our own story, our own timeline. This first year you will learn to listen to your inner voice, your own intuition, your gut instinct. There is science to all of this, there is a reason for all of this, not only to be 'successful' in running a 21st century practice and/or being a catalyst in helping family and friends.

We believe the role of a 21st century practitioner who has these coaching skills is to 'hold that space' for their client. The 21st century practitioner is not 'fixing' anyone, this practitioner is the catalyst (the enzyme as we call it in biochemistry) in their client's healing journey.

Mentoring is not coaching, coaching is not mentoring. The poly vagal theory discovered by Steve Porges, is about ‘safety’ through regulation of the nervous system. At the School we teach these vital coaching skills, such that as a 21st century practitioner as you hold that 'space’ for a client this allows for ‘co-regulation’. In other words, regulation of the client’s nervous system, this requires skill and understanding of the human condition. The coach is not a mentor but a coach. Did you know when you ‘coo’ to a new born, when the new born hears the mum/dad sing a lullaby, this is also CO-REGULATION. This soothes the baby’s nervous system, this allows them to feel safe, to develop and grow securely. So although this course is a naturopathic nutrition course, it is however much more. In the 21st century we believe a naturopathic nutrition diploma course alone is not enough.


Dear 21st century practitioner, the person sitting in front of you may be manifesting their story in their biology

Listening to your client's story may be more important than any functional test that you will learn. The person in front of you, has a story as much as you have yours. The person in front of you may be manifesting that story in their biology. Their chronic fatigue syndrome, may well be perpetuated due to chemical toxins blocking their Kreb's cycle (and yes you learn this on the course), but right now it may be more important for that client to share their story as they feel ready/willing whilst they may be sighing again and again as they talk. The words unspoken are just as important if not more important than the words spoken. This is part of the coaching curriculum. The Kreb's cycle sits and is taught in nutrition medicine.

A naturopathic nutrition course does not go into the detail of the nervous system. This client 'right now' may not be engaging with their 'tend and befriend' aspect of the nervous system as they may be totally dis-connected from their 'feelings'. They laugh inappropriately as they share their pain. What is this about? This is taught and is part of the coaching curriculum.

This course is transformative not transactional

On the integrated nutrition medicine course, you will learn about how physiologically some people can heal, WITHOUT a single test or a single supplement, a single remedy, because that client's nervous system's connection with your presence, your energy, your understanding can create a shift in them. Yes, you may suggest some nutritional changes, yes, you may suggest some cell salts, yes, you may suggest some changes in life style habits, but that 'sacred space', that time with you is part of their healing process. This is taught and is part of the coaching curriculum.

Therefore, this course is live participation whether you are a student online or in person in London. If you cannot participate live then this course will not 'work' for you. This is not a course about getting the 'knowledge' or 'showing up physically' and getting all the assignments done. It is about immersing your 'physiology', your nervous system in the 'learning' because this way it is transformative not transactional.

Why the live participation, I am across the other side of the world?

Simply, because your story matters too. If this diploma course is going to make a difference in your life, in the life of others, we want to CONNECT with you.

The world needs 21st century practitioners!


From the team at The New School Of Nutritional Medicine

Learn about the Founder & Principal of the New School of Nutritional Medicine, Dr Khush Mark PhD HERE.

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