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We were advised to stay home, wear masks and save our grand parents and get the jab.

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

However, the science shows otherwise.

You may want to grab a herbal tea and sit yourself down, as this is well worth reading.

We believe that this news (this article HERE) should be all over the news, online, on the TV, on the radio…but this may be wishful thinking. Actually it could read, "how we were mistaken and we apologise to every individual person".

Comprehensive review on Covid 19 and it’s Modifiable contributing factors.

So here we have a pretty comprehensive review on Covid 19 and it’s Modifiable contributing factors. This in simple terms shows what was done during the pandemic was not science.

At the New School of Nutritional Medicine we believe in educating our students in nutritional medicine, coaching and Rapid Relief Homeopathy or all the correct and vital reasons. We believe our students on graduation will play a key role in educating and empowering their clients to take responsibility for their lives, to have agency. This includes their nutrition habits to their relationships and jobs.

So here is a brief and it is very brief overview of this comprehensive study, but feel free to dive into the original article (HERE) it for yourself and share this blog.

As the article says ‘the devastating complications of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) result from an individual's dysfunctional immune response’.

What does this mean exactly?

It means that an out of balance immune system has more devastating complications from COVID-19 than an immune system that is balanced (an immune system that can regulate well).

What else does this article say? It lists a whole host of toxic behaviours and stressors that contribute to an imbalanced immune system response.

What are some of these factors? The article actually mentions EIGHTY! Yes EIGHTY. And they are named as modifiable contributing factors.

The Modifiable Contributing Factors.

Each of these modifiable factors are linked to 5 very basic groups in the contributing factor classification. These are:

  1. Lifestyle

  2. Iatrogenic

  3. Biotoxins

  4. Occupational/Environmental

  5. Psychosocial/Socioeconomic

This study goes onto show how EACH modifiable factor contributes to an IMBALANCED immune system response.

All these factors we teach and cover on the two year part time integrated nutrition diploma course. WHY? Because these factors impact a whole host of conditions, not just the out come of the SARS-CoV-2 infection.

So what does this all mean, the 5 basic groups, what do they look like?

  1. Lifestyle includes malnutrition, advanced glycation end products (ACEs, think diabetes, think high blood sugar, think treacle blood), sedentary lifestyle, physical inactivity, substance abuse, vitamin A deficiency, vitamin D deficiency, vitamin C deficiency, selenium deficiency (steroid medications deplete selenium), iron deficiency, zinc deficiency (certain blood pressure lowering medications deplete zinc) fructose, high fat diet, B12 deficiency (as found in those who take the birth control pill), smoking, circadian disruption (not going to bed on time, shift workers, not getting sunlight on waking)

  2. Iatrogenic includes pain killers such as paracetamol (yes those medications that are recommended to give to babies when they get a fever or before and after jabs), chemotherapy, proton pump inhibitors like Omeprazole, glucocorticoids such as steroid medication, anti-depressants, anti-psychotic drugs, Pneumococcal vaccine (which is given to babies), ovariectomy (the removal of ovaries)

  3. Biotoxins includes viruses such as herpes simplex virus, CMV, mould

  4. Occupational/Environmental includes BPA (think plastic water bottles), mercury, lead, chlorination of drinking water, organophosphates, benzene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), sulphur dioxide (check your dried fruit), pesticides, atmospheric pollutants, heavy metals

  5. Psychosocial/Socioeconomic includes isolation! chronic stress, lower education, unmarried. BUT CHRONIC STRESS is under represented.

That pretty much covers a whole host of factors.


So was it really a pandemic of a virus? Or a pandemic of the 21st century living?

ALL the FIVE factors are core subjects studied on the Integrated Nutrition Diploma Course.

Let’s break it all down a bit more…


The lifestyle goes without saying, it is well known that advanced glycation end products are a serious issue in those with blood sugar issues, namely insulin resistance which leads onto diabetes type 2. But it is totally avoidable if not avoided both insulin resistance and type two diabetes are reversible with nutrition, and some movement. The diploma course covers analysing blood tests, what to look out for as indications of insulin resistance, what early markers to look out for.


How about iatrogenic issues? This is massively overlooked. Did you know that certain medications cause nutrient deficiencies? Did you know that the birth control pill alone depletes, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, zinc and selenium? This is covered in our pharmacology module on the Diploma Course. Our nutrient status is not just about what foods we eat but also the medications we take. Paracetamol is an analgesic that is also mentioned, why is this medication then prescribed to infants whose detox system is still not yet fully developed? Then they are also given the Pneumococcal vaccine in the first year of their life which is another contributing factor. Not to mention the “The countries with universal Pneumococcal vaccine (PCV); including PCV1, PCV2, and PCV3 vaccines had significantly higher total mortality ….Our data suggest that serial MCV doses may lead to the non-specific weakening of the immune response to SARS-CoV-2. We believe that more doses of a respiratory vaccine could decrease immunity rather than enhancing it. We call on further investigations on the effect of MCV2 and PCV3 on immunity parameters for respiratory diseases.” (Abdulah and Hassan, 2021)


Biotoxins, these are biological toxins which include some not so severe viruses BUT if they are suppressed by anti-virals, or other means these become an issue. We have seen that some long covid sufferers had mononucleosis in the past. Does is not seem valuable or rather, vital, to educate people on the benefits of balancing the immune system without suppressing it? This subject is covered in our immune system module alongside Rapid Relief Homeopathy module.


Moving onto occupational/environmental issues, how many people were advised to use hand sanitisers? Have you ever checked the ingredients of these hand sanitisers? How many disposable masks have polluted our environment all modifiable contributing factors to COVID 19?

Nano particles are another toxic environmental issue and copper oxide nanoparticle is present in intrauterine contraceptive devices. This article also mentions organophosphates, yet how is it that we have glyphosate being sprayed and used as a pesticide? Glyphosate is an organophosphate though it is not a cholinesterase inhibitor it has devastating effects on the human microbiome and the immune system.


The psychosocial/socioeconomic impact on Covid-19 is evident. We have babies who are being labelled as Covid babies as they were born in the isolation ‘period’ who are now said to be more prone to viruses as they lockdown meant they never encountered the flu, so are being recommended the flu jab. Chronic stress means HPA axis dysfunction, which leads to all manner of immune issues as well as further vulnerability to auto-immune conditions.

Imagine, if the impact of each contributing factor has been studied individually, imagine the impact of a several contributing factors on our health and well being? After all, we are exposed to more than one factor.

The Integrated Nutrition Diploma Course

There is no time like the present to start to look at the food on your plate, the chemicals in your home, the relationships in your life, the environment that you live in.

It is no wonder that Schools in alternative medicine are growing at a fast pace and we welcome you to have a look at our curriculum.

At the new school of nutritional medicine we cover all the five fundamental contributing groups that are involved not only in COVID-19 but in the development of other dis-eases.

Our integrated curriculum teaches how to use Rapid Relief Homeopathy in acute situations, alongside using nutritional medicine and also how to enhance mental and emotional well being through the comprehensive coaching module.

In today’s world we need more than one tool in our bag of tricks as practitioners, we have chosen

  • Nutritional Medicine; because food is medicine

  • Coaching: because human connection is healing not isolation

  • Rapid Relief Homeopathy: because healing acutes is the highest form of homeopathy (not suppressing them)

for the 2 year Integrated Nutrition Diploma studies.

We encourage you to read the original article. HERE it is for ease.

TO WHOLE-ness!

From the team at the New School Of Nutritional Medicine.

Learn about the Founder & Principal of the New School of Nutritional Medicine, Dr Khush Mark PhD HERE.

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