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Strep A: We would not be here today if it were not for the microbes

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

WOW, take a deep breath, just allow yourself to feel your feelings, slow down, breathe and ask yourself, why am I reading this? Is it from a place of fear? Or is it to empower yourself? Is it because you want to study nutrition, naturopathy, coaching and/or Rapid Relief Homeopathy? Remember whatever the reason, your body does not make mistakes.

There is this language used about 'being at war' with a pathogen, being at war with Streptococcus A, with Streptococcus pyogenes. Our Integrated Naturopathic Nutrition Diploma does not teach that we are at war with a pathogen or pathogens.

In fact a HEALTHY immune system is NOT at war with a pathogen, it is in communication with the world that it comes in contact with and it learns from it. This is constant ongoing education of the immune system. If you missed the blogs on EDUCATION OF THE IMMUNE SYSTEM, not to worry HERE is the link.

When faced with a pathogen or two or more, the innate wisdom of the body will respond APPROPRIATELY. If the body needs to raise a fever, trigger a release of a host of cytokines, raise antibodies etc. it will do that as it is for the purpose of health, our own health.

We teach our students to be open minded critical thinkers, the integrated naturopathic nutrition course is about asking questions understanding mother nature, not just the workings of this physical body we inhabit. The coaching module is about

  • taking agency

  • asking more questions

  • understanding human nature

  • understanding our limiting beliefs

  • understanding our behavioural patterns

Once we understand ourselves we can ENABLE our clients to be able to do the above. There is no place for unhealthy fear. Sure fear has its life giving purpose.

There are scientific published articles showing these so-called pathogens are actually of benefit. They are vital for our well being. If you go down that rabbit hole, (there are a plethora of them, choose them wisely, otherwise you may not see day light in a long time) you will find that some of these bugs, actually reduce the incidence of cancer.

Streptococcus A/Streptococcus pyogenes

Here are a few of these articles showing the benefits of Streptococcus A also known as Streptococcus pyogenes:

Even chicken pox which is a virus unlike Strep (bacteria) it has been shown to reduce glioma cancer by 21%....natural wild chicken pox, not the jabbed type. If it is hard to believe you can read the article HERE, there is more science to show the benefits of the microbes.

It is not about a war.


PANDAS which is Paediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder associated with group A Streptococcus (PANDAS).

It is a condition seen in the children which can consist of tics, OCD, brought on by Group A streptococcus (Streptococcus A/Streptococcus pyogenes). Antibiotics are not the answer in the long term. Ask any parent whose child has had this condition, antibiotics help for that acute episode but the symptoms return even stronger once the antibiotics 'wear off'. Sadly, the long term impact on 'decimating' the microbiome has severe consequences.

Most children with PANDAS have a history of gut issues...these may start with simple acid reflux that get's 'treated' with an antacid (Gaviscon/Omeprazole), or mum may have had antibiotics during pregnancy or as a precaution during birth or post birth. It may have been a birth that did not go to plan, there are many factors in the development of such conditions like PANDAS.

When the terrain is weakened by such factors add in poor nutrition, or lack of absorption and assimilation of food, ill health becomes more chronic.

But how on earth can the same bacteria responsible for PANDAS also reduce cancer risk?

Streptococcus also makes serotonin. It is also involved in the breakdown of mould in the body. These microbes are not our enemy.

Integrated Naturopathic Nutrition Diploma

So you want some Strep in that body of yours. it is not a bad guy, the 'bad guy' or guys is what happened previous to the Strep infection and work on building that back up. What does this look like?

The Timeline

On the Integrated Naturopathic Nutrition Diploma course, we teach students to travel the 'journey' with the client from before the 'condition' was diagnosed/manifested. So if this is a 7 year old child that has been diagnosed with PANDAS, we may see that, during the pregnancy with this child, mum had antibiotics or was stressed, then the birth may not have gone to plan and may have involved various drugs which includes opiates. During the first year of his life, he had ear infections and these were treated with antibiotics, later he developed eczema and he is put on steroid creams. At age 5 year he gets Strep throat and had antibiotics. He was fine but 5 weeks later, the mother noticed he started acting unusual, he began to line up all his toys in his room, he would have to have his clothes in a certain place, he would have bursts of anger, and the mum was very clear that this was following the Strep A infection, like 'a switch in his brain had been flipped'. So students learn to work with this timeline, from the current present symptoms and to go back in time, working and healing each layer when and if required. This may involve a stool test, OR a HTMA test, OR a stress test, OR an omega test OR it may not involve any of these but some simple detox methods, organ support, mineral enriching programme and then see what shifts and remains at a follow up session. The key here is to work on healing the WHOLE child which includes the nervous system and support and educate the mother.

We ask questions such as 'why are young children who are supposed to bounce back from 'mild infections' becoming so sick that we have had deaths? Why is not that every child is dying from such an infection?

We look at susceptibilities, we look at pre-genetic dispositions to disease in the nutrition module.

Strep also lives in the gut as one of the commensal bacteria, and it is not 'killing' anyone on a daily basis in the gut. We would hear about it in the media.

So why is this happening right now? ..Because the terrain has been weakened which allows pathogens to get more stronger, leading to unhealthy responses by the body.

Majority of the immune system is in the gut, any drugs, any medications, any stress, any junk food that negatively impacts the gut will negatively impact the immune system.

  • What is on your dinner plate?

  • What is sleep like?

  • Any medications?

  • Any exercise?

  • Any relaxation?

  • Any fear, anxiety?

Rapid Relied Homeopathy

All the above can weaken the terrain....address those. We have a blog on Rapid Relief Homeopathy for Strep A HERE, we have a core Rapid Relief Homeopathy module as part of the 2 year Integrated Naturopathic Nutrition Course.

The naturopathic nutrition module at the New School Of Nutritional Medicine believes in educating the immune system just as we educate our 'minds'. Have you ever thought before you choose the pill option, what about food, nurturing healthy food? What about healing the gut? More of our immune system is in the gut than anywhere else in the body.

The Digestive System

One of our core teachings is based around the gut, the digestive system, the microbiome. We teach students how to analyse gut tests, how to look at patterns and what they mean, and how to translate those patterns, those unhealthy markers and healthy markers into every day food, every day living. Your stool test can tell us quite a bit about your health and wellbeing (read more here, Seriously? You can tell all that from a poop sample?)

We look at the WHOLE person;

- their environment; physical toxins as well as mental/emotional toxins

- poor living conditions

- inability to afford healthy food

- unable to heat the home due to increase in bills

- fear about not having enough

- fear about children potentially dying from an 'acute' illness

Coaching Skills

All the above impact the nervous system. You can 'throw all sorts of pills and remedies' at the body but feeling SAFE does not come in pills. The coaching module teaches students the tools to support individual needs to increase that sense of safety.

We educate our students to honour the life force, the innate wisdom of the body. We teach how the body works from a naturopathic perspective. We integrate the PNIE-M (Psycho-Neuro-Immuno-Endocrine-Microbiome) System into our curriculum and update our teaching lectures as the research shows.

TO WHOLE-ness!

From the team at the New School Of Nutritional Medicine.

Learn about the Founder & Principal of the New School of Nutritional Medicine, Dr Khush Mark PhD HERE.

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