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Tops tips for summer time

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

At the New School of Nutritional Medicine, we love our nutritional medicine and coaching curriculum but did you know we also have a comprehensive Rapid Relief Homeopathy prescribing module?

We have some tips on how to look after yourself and your family through the summer.

Could you do with some tips for the summer time?

Do you sweat or as some of like to say 'perspire'? Did you know that perspiring is important for wellbeing?

Sweating or ‘perspiring’ is important to keep cool but it is also a form of detox, yes it is. So you want to be able to regulate body temperature, by perspiring but you also want to be perspiring to detox effectively.

Do you use anti-perspirants?

Well firstly these 'cosmetic type products' are not natural, they generally contain aluminium-based compounds as the active ingredient, in other words without the aluminium the anti-perspirant would not work. Research shows that such antiperspirants, when applied under-arm and left on the skin near the breast, can be absorbed by the skin and have estrogen-like (hormonal) effects (SEE HERE FOR ARTICLE).

Anti-perspirants are not good news, so if you like to use something to 'mask' the odour, look into deodorants that are natural. Remember, perspiring is not only a natural physiological response but also a healthy response.

Hydration, hydration, hydration.

Are you drinking enough water? For every sweet beverage you consume, you want at least the same amount of water. Sugar is dehydrating. We have a special Electrolyte Tonic, that we like to encourage everyone to take in the summer months when the sun shine is dominating the clouds.

Electrolyte tonic recipe: To ONE litre of water add a teaspoon of UNREFINED SALT not regular salt but either the Himalayan Salt or the French salt. Refined salt is not salt.

If you have homeopathic tissue salts (cells salts same thing) use the tissue salts FERRUM PHOSPHORICUM, and NATRUM MURIATICUM . Add three pills of each tissue salt to the litre of water. These can be ordered from HELIOS PHARMACY.

1. Ferrum Phosphate (iron phosphate): this is great for that rush of blood to the head, throbbing headache etc. The phos part is also great for energy and the iron helps with circulation. My younger one does not leave home without it on hot days as he is one of those constitutions that gets exhausted in the heat unless he has this in his water.

2. Natrum Muriaticum (sodium chloride): this is NOT table salt but this cell salt is helpful in REGULATING moisture in the cells…helps with the swelling, such as the ankles swelling. Great for prevention of headaches due to dehydration.

Shake and take in the summer sunshine

We have some early remedies for reaction to the summer heat...then we have the more 'serious' ones, which are recommended whilst on the way to A&E if needed.

Earlier remedies:

Gelsenium: If feeling light-headed, and drowsy and droopy, Chills running up and down the spine every now and then

Selenium: If there is exhaustion, sleepiness and general fatigue from being in the sun.Great for babies and elderly who are effected by the heat

Natrum Carbonicum: Debilitated from the heat but also prone to sun headaches. These types are known to be prone to symptoms from the sun. Always seeking the shade. Not as debilitated as selenium

Pulsatilla: Effected by hot room not just the heat of the sun. In this weak state, they will want to be cared for and can be tearful. There can be light-headedness as well as 'air hunger'

China: Is incredibly useful when there is trembling, debility, feeling completely drained from being in the sun.

HEAT STROKE: We really do not want you to get to this stage but it happens and here are some key remedies for this stage.

Being exposed to too much hot weather can be a shock to the body HEAT EXHAUSTION OR SUNSTROKE is generally due to a loss of WATER AND SALT from the body. It is best to avoid getting to this stage but if it happens then you may want to ensure you have some homeopathic remedies with you that will come in handy.

NOTE: You will more than likely be on the way to A&E if you experience heatstroke, BUT here are some remedies that help with heatstroke. You can take the remedies on the way to A&E, or if you feel it is not that extreme, then take the indicated remedy and monitor how you are feeling, If not feeling 'quite right' see a doctor. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Glonoine: Throbbing head, pale face (sometimes even yellowish), eyes fixed and no expression. Body is cold but head hot. This is similar to belladonna below BUT if you need glonoine then you are WORSE for bending the head back whereas if you need belladonna you are better for bending head backwards and pupils are not dilated. Tend to be confused and irritable.

Belladonna: Hot head, cold body, DILATED pupils, throbbing in head, flushed face, dry mouth but no thirst, can become delirious and have hallucinations.

Bryonia: headache and can have nausea. Thirsty. All is worse for any movement. For example, headache is worse for any form of movement. They are also Irritable.

Veratrum Album: If you require this then there will be an extreme weakness, dizziness, maybe fainting, cold hands, feet and face. Pale face and nausea.

Aconite: feel like they are going to die, they are ANXIOUS AND RESTLESS but also they tend to be hot all over not just the head and face like the two above.

Curpum metallicum: This remedy is similar in symptoms to Veratrum Album but there will be twitching and jerking especially CRAMPING.

When taking these, you will need 30c and take one every 5-10 minutes …as soon as symptoms shift you either change the remedy if there are different symptoms OR stop the remedy as soon as symptoms clear. MAXIMUM 6 pills of a remedy.

All homeopathic remedies can be ordered from various homeopathic pharmacies across the world...In the UK we are spoiled with Ainsworth Homeopathic Pharmacy, Helios Pharmacy and Nelsons.

Want to train in Nutritional Medicine Integrated with Coaching?

Firstly we know you will have questions, so you may find our FAQs HERE page helpful.

Then if you want to know more and meet some of the team, book a live online open day. We have a few in place, but once spaces are full, we close the bookings.

Our 2 year part time Integrated Nutrition Diploma Course is 21st century relevant, fun, community focused and based on science. We are raising 21st century practitioners for the times ahead.


From the team at the New School Of Nutritional Medicine.

Learn about the Founder & Principal of the New School of Nutritional Medicine, Dr Khush Mark PhD HERE.

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