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The healing journey cannot be put into a 'travel app’ to follow a set route (aka protocol).

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

In a world where we want a ‘quick fix’, where we want a protocol, where we want that magic pill, that magic prescription, true holistic medicine is falling short.

In the 21st century we have so many social media groups for various dis-eases, many offering protocols for various conditions and some continue to believe in the protocol just like we believe in taking a medication although the symptoms persist. Why continue when nothing is changing? And why continue when symptoms all return as soon as the protocol, supplements or the remedies are stopped?

  • Have SIBO? Here is a protocol

  • Have Eczema? Here is a protocol

  • Have IBS? Hear is a protocol

  • Have thrush? Here is a protocol

  • Have sinusitis? Here is a protocol

  • Have Hashimoto’s? Here is a protocol

  • Have hot flushes? Here is a herbal protocol blend

  • Have asthma? Here is a protocol

BIOCHEMICAL INDIVIDUALITY, is the core of any true holistic healing modality. This two year diploma course honours the very fact that the individual is important, individual is what matters, not a protocol, not a supplement, not a ‘one size fits all’ diet.

Some real life examples…..


A female with hemorrhoids, initially she was prescribed all sorts of remedies and then protocols ....nothing worked...as soon as she was off the remedies they came back worse.

THIS IS NOT HOLISTIC MEDICINE, this is not biochemical individuality prescribing, this is not honouring the individual but this is lazy prescribing, following set protocols. There is no science to this madness, part from desperation.


SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth) client had been given ‘standard’ SIBO protocol, by the way there is no 'standard protocol' for SIBO, if someone tells you there is, then you may as well look on the internet, join a face group for that condition and follow their protocols...why spend XXX amount for someone who has trained superficially on protocols? Sadly this client’s symptoms got worse after stopping the supplements..and to add insult to injury his GI test showed a trend towards more chronic enhanced intestinal permeability (leaky gut) than when he did his first test with the protocol based practitioner


A child with eczema who is 3,5 year olds, was given a homeopathy protocol and some omega 3s. The said child was already dairy and gluten free. Sadly the child got worse the eczema spread from the legs upwards...never had eczema on the torso before....this goes against Herrings Law of Cure...this does not show healing, this shows sadly the opposite. Mentally the child was more irritable and up at night crying, before that night times were time of rest for the parents. The parents blamed the homeopathy but did not understand this is not homeopathy, this is protocol prescribing that does not honour the individual.


A client had a hair tissue mineral analysis done about 6 months ago, she was given a whole plethora of supplements for adrenals, for the liver, for the pancreas, some B vitamins, in total 11 supplements twice a day...she continued to take them, although she noticed no difference, maybe a bit more energy but nothing more. Why spend just shy of £150 per month in supplements when there is no change? Her HTMA had been ‘read and interpreted’ with a protocol bias.


Chronic fatigue case, put on blood sugar balancing programme and a 'supplement' protocol for 'adrenal fatigue'....she was reacting to the adrenal herbs, got jittery, insomnia, and started sweating like a nervous reaction but no previous ‘nervousness/anxiety’ in her history.


This client had been prescribed Vitamin D and high doses of Vitamin C in ascorbic acid form, along side the homeopathic remedies (protocol) for an auto-immune condition, sadly the client went onto develop kidney stones. Vitamin D is not a panacea. Auto-immune dis-eases are not a vitamin D deficiency.

Sadly, these scenarios have become more common. The world of alternative medicine is not regulated, so any one can call them selves a nutritionist or coach of homeopath and ‘set up shop’.

What to look for when looking for a 'root cause' practitioner

When you book with a practitioner, check a few things;

  1. Do they belong to a governing body of their profession? If so which one? Is it recognised?

  2. Are they actually qualified in what they are claiming to be qualified in? Or have they done some mini courses and set up ‘shop’?

  3. Which School/College did they qualify from?

  4. Is that School/College Certified?

  5. Do they prescribe protocols?

  6. Do they honour biochemical individuality?

  7. Do they educate and explain what they are prescribing and why?

The School of Nutritional Medicine believes in teaching the nutritional science

The School of Nutritional Medicine is not only rooted in science but also accredited and does not teach protocols to students. This School is not for you, if you are looking for set protocols. At the New School we do not believe in ‘quick fixes’ or ‘band aids’ (aka protocols) because once you remove that band aid, what you may find underneath, may be worse than what it was when the ‘band aid’ (quick fix protocol) was first applied.

Protocol prescribing

Protocol prescribing does not require a practitioner, this simply requires a free social media health group, or free health summits that sell on protocols. It requires no understanding of biochemical individuality. As a well known nutritionist once said "protocol prescribing is carried out by those that do not understand the science of health or biochemical individuality".

In root cause medicine, there is science, there is learning and training, there are assignments to support the student in their learning, there are practical clinical hours.

Honouring biochemical individuality is true HEALING

Here is one typical real life case example of learning the science. A 36 year old woman who had bee advised to go onto Vitamin D as she was pregnant and her vitamin D was low. Let’s break this down…

Let's talk sexy science

Which Vitamin D was tested for?

Which organs are key for vitamin D synthesis?

Which hormones are involved in Vitamin D synthesis?

Which other nutrients are involved in Vitamin D metabolism?

All the above requires science….a flash in the pan protocol based course is not about biochemical individuality.

She did not want to go on Vitamin D as she had been living in South America for the last 3 months and knew she was ‘topped up’ on her stores. Her mother had suffered severe fibromyalgia like pains on Vitamin D. She wanted a nutritional therapist's professional input. She was a healthy vegan but had read a blog on Vitamin D and link to magnesium, kidneys, liver and Vitamin A and the various forms of vitamin D.

Going through her diet she although was eating plenty of beta carotene (this is not Vitamin A per se) she displayed some symptoms of Vitamin A deficiency ….following a 4 week dose of vegan Retinol, she paid for a private Vitamin D blood test and viola her vitamin D levels were up to more on higher side of the 'normal range’.

This is nutritional medicine, this is not protocol prescribing, this is science applied to a real life case.

Biochemical Individuality matters

At the New School Of Nutritional Medicine, biochemical individuality matters. This two year part time course, also integrates coaching to understand human nature, human beings, AND enhance not only the growth and development of the student practitioner, but enhance their learning, and understand themselves better. The healing journey cannot be put into a 'travel app’ to follow a set route (aka protocol).

Next time, you are prescribed a protocol ask yourself, could you not have gotten that from an on line free social media group or a free health summit?

If you are ready to train, we are taking applications for next year. We have more in the pipeline, we invite you to subscribe to the newsletter to learn of our upcoming news.

Raising 21st century practitioners.

TO WHOLE-ness!

From the team at The New School Of Nutritional Medicine.

Learn about the Founder & Principal of the New School of Nutritional Medicine, Dr Khush Mark PhD HERE.

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