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12 Naturopathic Biochemical Cell Salts


Master the art of using 12 naturopathic biochemical cell salts integrated with nutrition to effectively treat various ailments from the comfort of your home. With something for everyone, this comprehensive easy to follow course is sure to empower natural health enthusiasts to take control of their well-being. This course is also perfect for practitioners looking to integrate these salts into their practice with confidence.


This series has been absolutely wonderful, I love how you have integrated the nutrition with the cell salts. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to better their health and if you are a nutritional therapist this series is worth every penny spent. The notes are such a huge bonus.


Nutritional Therapist

I started using the cell salts following as soon as I received them and can they work so quickly? My sister’s baby no longer has ‘reflux’? It has only been three days.  Why are these not taught in nutrition colleges? Such great information, such a great educator, such solid notes.


Mother of 4 in London

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