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  • Can I apply for stand alone coaching or the nutritional medicine or Rapid Relief Homeopathy?
    The course is fully integrated in order to provide a holistic approach to healing. We recognise that in the 21st century 'one 'modality alone is not ‘hitting the mark’ . We believe in order to raise 21st century practitioners, coaching plays a vital role. The integrative life coaching helps YOU in your every day life, first and foremost. The first year of the coaching module is about YOU. We want our students to be educated on a WHOLE mind-body level. The ‘head/cerebral’ learning is easy. We recognise that personal growth and development (the inner coaching) is a vital aspect of our Integrative Nutritional Medicine diploma. We believe, successful 21st century practitioners are practitioners who know themselves. Coaching plays a vital role in being present with clients, learning how to assist your clients to be empowered, empowering them to have agency for their own lives and their health goals. The course gives you the skills to not only use Rapid Relief Homoeopathy (acute prescribing) to assist in healing. in acute situations such as a fever or urinary tract infection, we also bring in sarcodes and nosodes as well as homeopathic biotransformation blended into the curriculum throughout the 2 years. In Robin Murphy’s experience he believed that almost every chronic case a practitioner takes, if you track it back in time (time line), it starts with either an injury, a loss, a grief, a shock, an accident. In other words it starts with a first aid situation, which if treated appropriately would avoid the development of chronic conditions. Thank you Ian Watson for sharing this. For more on the integrative diploma we have several blog posts, which you can find under HERE. To get you started, here is one we recommend you read first about the diploma. Accredited Integrated Nutrition Course: Nutrition, Coaching, Rapid Relief Homeopathy https://www.newschoolofnutrition.com/post/accredited-integrated-nutrition-course-nutrition-coaching-rapid-relief-homeopathy
  • Do you cover functional tests on the Integrative Nutritional Diploma training?
    Yes we teach several functional tests in depth and a few as optional. As few examples, we teach the gut test, mineral testing, adrenal stress amongst others.
  • Where is the school?
    The School is in Regents Park, Central London. It is a beautiful venue. If you reside overseas or 100 plus miles out side of London, no problem, the teaching is available to you live online. We require your participation in the live online sessions. Live participation and interaction is vital, community is indispensable. We believe in group interactive learning and building a community of like-minded people. The triad work in the coaching module are all live and interactive and the teaching at the School is dynamic, inter-active and engaging, no space for passengers. 😉
  • What is the enrolment process?
    Complete the application form (https://www.newschoolofnutrition.com/application) Pay the £80 admin fee You will be contacted by the school about your application. If successful, you will be invited to an online interview - this is informal and we want to ensure this School, this two year part time integrative course, is the right fit for you If the interview is successful you will be requested to pay the deposit to secure your place on the course.
  • How many hours of teaching are there?
    Each school weekend morning sessions run from 10am-1pm afternoon sessions from 2pm-5.30pm. Year 1: Nutrition Medicine 50% of the curriculum, Coaching 25% and Rapid Relief Homeopathy 25%. Year 2: Nutrition Medicine 50% of the curriculum and Coaching 50% The nutrition medicine and coaching assignments for each month will reflect the subject taught each month. They are practical, relevant and all build towards the final year graduation cases. Clinic days run one day per month, starting at end of the first academic year and finishing at end of the second year. These clinics are compulsory.
  • My background is not in science - will this be an issue?
    We do not believe this is an issue. We have students who do not have a science background but have a passion for health and wellbeing. We are looking for passionate individuals with drive and a lifelong love of learning. FYI, the course has many elements including, nutrition, biology, biochemistry, homeopathy and life/health coaching. We have several blogs listed below that you may find helpful in explaining more about the teaching at the School and how we view education. Do spend some time reading the blogs, as we appreciate this a life-changing investment. Naturopathic Nutrition Course: Dear potential 21st century practitioner https://www.newschoolofnutrition.com/post/naturopathic-nutrition-diploma-course-21st-century-practitioner A 2 year Integrated Nutrition Diploma Course; What it is and what it is not. https://www.newschoolofnutrition.com/post/a-2-year-integrated-nutrition-diploma-course-what-it-is-and-what-it-is-not Accredited Integrated Nutrition Course: Nutrition, Coaching, Rapid Relief Homeopathy https://www.newschoolofnutrition.com/post/accredited-integrated-nutrition-course-nutrition-coaching-rapid-relief-homeopathy Nutrition & Coaching: The Post Lockdown Era https://www.newschoolofnutrition.com/post/a-part-time-nutrition-course-that-teaches-to-go-beyond-the-symptoms
  • Will there be a course online?
    It is in the pipeline. The online course will be pre-recorded and 'do at your own pace' kind of learning. We are working on it. However, our passion is community and learning together, sharing ideas, building trust and doing the inner work, therefore our London-based classes and live interactive weekends will always be our key focus. We see our students flourish being with a like-minded tribe, laughing, crying and just being together. We see the teachers inspired by each other and the students. We currently have several mini online courses that you may want to do from the comfort of your home to get a 'feel' for our 'vibe'. Current online courses are HERE Subscribe to our newsletter HERE to keep up-to-date with our free education and news. https://www.newschoolofnutrition.com/subscribe
  • Will there be exams?
    There are no exams. Do we hear a sigh of relief? ;) We do not believe in exams. We believe exams involve learning that is easily forgotten in a few weeks. There is continuous coursework throughout the 2 years. The course work is relevant to what you will be facing day to day in practice and/or in your home life. The diploma is more experiential, immersive and practical, simply you do as you learn. To ‘get’ the essence of this School, have a read of our blog including the post below which explains about our teaching style and our teaching philosophy: Accredited Integrated Nutrition Course: Nutrition, Coaching, Rapid Relief Homeopathy https://www.newschoolofnutrition.com/post/accredited-integrated-nutrition-course-nutrition-coaching-rapid-relief-homeopathy If you are ready to apply…we are excited to hear from you! APPLY HERE https://www.newschoolofnutrition.com/application
  • Upon enrolment, when are course fees due?
    There are several options for paying for the course fees. They are due by the first week of September before the start of year 1, either: Total fees for the two years Two instalments once every year (before the start of each academic year) Monthly over the 20 weekends Further details on the course fees can be found as follows: https://www.newschoolofnutrition.com/course-fees
  • From a student perspective, how much extra time do you think is required for additional study?
    This is a very interesting question, as we find it very limiting. Overall study time can vary from student to student and from month to month, but in general we suggest you put aside between 5-10 hours per week, this includes all the changes above. As with any course, the more ‘you put in the more you get out’. Our diploma course is an immersive practical course. You apply, live and breathe the learning from the first weekend. Therefore every moment you are awake is a moment 'studied'. IMAGINE..... ....learning about the microbiome and the importance of its diversity, once this is learned in class students start to implement the changes from the 'get go' being more mindful with their daily meals and snacks, changing shopping habits, listening to a podcast whilst cooking etc. Is this time considered study time? In coaching, you become aware of your own perspective on life and your behaviours, your story, your blind spots, this all creates shifts in your student journey and your personal life, we consider this part of the study hours.
  • How long is the part time integrated nutritional medicine diploma course?
    The diploma is a 2-year part-time course, running one weekend a month over two years. We have in total 20 teaching weekends with school clinics in year 2, which are one day a month (outside of the teaching weekends).
  • Can I apply now?
    Yes, you can and as we limit our class size, we encourage you to apply once you are ready. We urge all applicants to have a thorough read of the website before applying. And if you 'gel' with what you read and feel, then we would love for you to apply : Completing the application form (https://www.newschoolofnutrition.com/application) Paying the £80 admin fee You will be contacted by the school about your application. If successful, you will be invited to an online informal interview - we want to ensure that this School, this two-year part-time integrative course, is the right fit for you and vice versa. If the interview is successful you will be notified by email and requested to pay the deposit to secure your place on the course. Completing all the steps above, saves you a place.
  • Is the course accredited?
    The course is fully accredited by Complementary Medical Association (CMA ), The Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (FNTP) and European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).
  • This course includes Rapid Relief Homeopathy. Will I be qualified as a Homeopath at the end?
    The Rapid Relief Homeopathy module gives you the skills to be able to use homeopathy in acute situations, for home use and in clinical practice. This is covered under naturopathy. We also bring in sarcodes, nosodes and homeopathic biotransformation that are taught throughout the two years in various nutritional medicine topics. The 2 year part-time integrated nutritional medicine diploma does not qualify you as a homeopath. If you would like to study homeopathy alone, there are many homeopathic colleges that run 4 year part-time courses. We believe that in the 21st century, learning to use homeopathy naturopathically through the two-year diploma course is a valuable adjunct to the future of 21st-century practitioners.
  • Is there a deadline to enrol?
    There is a deadline: August 30th, 2023.
  • How is the curriculum divided?
    Nutrition is 50% of Year 1 and Year 2. Coaching is 25% of Year 1 and 50% of Year 2. Rapid Relief Homeopathy is 25% of Year 1.
  • What are the pass requirements?
    85% attendance for all live lessons all assignment / case studies to be completed by deadlines provided compulsory attendance on clinic days participation in live class
  • How is the diploma course run?
    The nutritional medicine course with integrative life coaching is a part-time immersion course. Sessions are taught over 20 weekends, one weekend a month over two years, each teaching day is from 10am – 5.30pm. Additionally, we have clinic days (one day a month), which start at the end of year 1 and run throughout year 2. These clinics are compulsory and are included in the School fees All teaching sessions are recorded and comprehensive lecture notes are provided. The recorded sessions are available in the online membership area until the end of the two-year course.
  • How do I find out more?
    For those in the UK, we have open days in March, April and May. We will also be holding an online 'open day' sessions for those overseas if you are interested. For further information on the specific dates etc., subscribe to our newsletters HERE. If you do not want to wait for an open day or missed it, but are keen to find out more about the course before applying, we have our summer live online open day recording. Just drop us an email with the title OPEN DAY ZOOM RECORDING. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us HERE
  • Will there be any extra costs?
    Included in your course fees are: all lessons, clinic days, one to one drop-in sessions with specific members of teaching staff. Extra costs include: Books, functional tests, and supervision (a minimum of 5 hrs supervision is required as part of the graduation criteria).

Our commonly asked questions about the Integrated Nutritional Medicine DiplomaCourse, including queries about applications, the curriculum, fees, student requirements and schedules.

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