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Personal views expressed by lecturers or team members are not representative of the New School Of Nutritional Medicine. 

Khush Mark - Principal

Dr Khush Mark PhD


David Mark.jpg

David Mark

Integrative Therapist & Coach

Dr Amy Redmond - Psychological Coach

Dr Amy Redmond PhD

Psychological Coach

Rachel Subrado.png

Rachel Subrado

School Coordinator

Debbie Fisher - Executive Coach

Debbie Fisher

Executive Coach

Alenka - Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.jpg

Alenka Kostiviarova

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


Dr. Khush Mark PhD

My Story

I have been in clinical practice since 2001.  Before I qualified in Nutritional Therapy and later  Homeopathy, I was beavering away in a laboratory as a research scientist. 


My educational background is rich in the traditional sciences. I have a habit of collecting letters after my name, it just seems to be a bi-product of my life . I have a BSc in Pharmacology, MSc in Molecular Toxicology and Pathology, PhD in oncology from King’s College, London. 


When I thought that was it, I dived into the world of ‘food as medicine’, what some call ‘alternative medicine’ and completed a MS in Clinical Nutrition in the USA. WOW! It was ‘eye opening’. How was I not taught this during my under-grad studies? I sat with medics during my BSc and yet no mention of food, how was that possible when we were being taught about drugs (medication may I add), when there is plenty of science to show nutrition is a powerful form of medicine? Why not have nutrition as a core subject in these ‘health science’ degrees?  As they say 'good nutrition is medicine, bad nutrition needs medicine'. 


I later studied homeopathy in London and now I teach what I love.  I have been teaching since 2002, from biochemistry, naturopathy, nutrition, and at one point I taught science to home educated children whilst my boys were also home educated.

I am an avid learner and I integrate the newest research in the science of nutrition into my lectures. I take teaching very seriously and I spend a lot of time preparing my lectures. Some have said, ‘I have the gift of making complex topics not only more easy to understand but inspiring’.  My passion is not only seeing clients empowered and returning back to health,  but also to raise the next generation of practitioners in nutritional medicine who focus not only on nutrition but on the individual who is being 'nurtured'.


I live with 4 wonderful boys (no such thing as 'oestrogen dominance' in this house); my husband and our 2 boys (age 19yr and 15yr)  and our furry boy, our labradoodle, Ravi (age 6yr). 


Dr. Amy Redmond PhD

Psychological Coach

At the heart of my work has always been a desire to help people thrive. Like most people, I’ve travelled a long, meandering road to get to the point where I love doing what I do.

I’ve spent 25 years studying and working in the field of psychology and behaviour. A Bsc in Psychology, and an Msc in Occupational Psychology secured me my first much-loved role as a business psychologist. In that role I learned about the nuances of organisations and saw first-hand how a company’s culture could either support people to thrive or set people up to fail. I saw that everyone held within themselves the power to innovate and thrive but sometimes organisations or circumstance quashed that power.

This realisation left me with some burning questions about the psychology of innovation. What are the conditions that determine whether people will be successful or fail? In pursuit of answers to this question I enrolled on a PhD programme. After 7 years spent researching the Psychology of Innovation, I passed my viva and was ready to focus my efforts on helping organisations and teams reach their lofty innovation goals. (Yes, 7 years is a very long time, but my kids were very young, and sleep was elusive!).

Although I was armed with lots of knowledge and experience, something was still missing from my understanding of thriving. In my role as Director of Psychology and Innovation at an innovation agency, I saw that sometimes people were in a position where they had the potential to succeed (i.e. good organisational culture, great skills, determination) but they still struggled to get to where they wanted to be. I saw that people often, unknowingly, hold themselves back from their own success. We carry our past with us and sometimes our past gets in the way of our future. But we DO have the power to overcome whatever is getting in our way, sometimes we just need a little help. This realisation was what led me to refocus my attention on Coaching. 

Coaching enables people to become the best version of themselves and frees them from what’s holding them back so they can create the life for themselves that they truly want. Every time a coaching client has a transformational ‘a-ha’ moment, I know that I’m doing the right thing. I also know the world needs more coaches which is why I love teaching coaching.

The final piece of my career puzzle is health and nutrition. The links between physical and psychological well-being are well-known and combining coaching with health creates a powerful combination of skills. In teaching coaching I have a couple of core objectives. 1. Enable you to achieve your goals to become an incredible coach and practitioner of nutritional medicine; and, 2. To ensure you can help your future clients to live their best possible lives.

Teaching and training has underscored every stage of my career. Teaching is important to me because I get to share what I’ve learned and what I love. I want everyone I teach to leave with the same love of coaching as well as the skills they’ll need to thrive as coaches. 

Meanwhile, at home these days, sleep is less elusive. My two lovely children are fast approaching teenage years and I delight in having to wake them up in the mornings. Oh, how the tables have turned! We live in the beautiful Chilterns with a menagerie of fluffy friends - our dog Georgia, and too many cats to name – waifs and strays that we’ve acquired on our travels. As well as, I kid you not, our rescue gecko…but that’s a story for another time. 

Debbie Fisher

Executive Coach

I am a qualified Executive Coach and Mentor and Team Coach, with a background in organisational change and leadership development. I work in the UK and globally across the public and private sector, such as the NHS, councils, charities, universities to name a few.


I believe all people have an innate ability to fulfil their potential and this can be accelerated with the right support. I coach because deeply listening, supporting and prompting new awareness helps people find the answers that unlock their true potential.  Coaching allows us to share a safe space where we can express our thoughts and feelings, held in the safety of a professional who can help you effectively navigate your unique territory. 


I love to work with individuals and teams who share my belief that we are all sitting on innate wisdom we just can’t always grasp it. Sometimes we need to give ourselves the time and the headspace to pause, reflect, explore so we can move forwards. We then leverage this newly acquired knowledge and insight to propel you and/or your team into top performance.


When you need to have stretching or challenging conversations with your team or with yourself, don’t underestimate the power of expert facilitation to coach you through to reach a better place. Time to have those ‘elephant in the room’ conversations? If not now, then when!


I consider myself to be a professional balancer of patience and pushiness, listening and prodding, accelerating and braking, managing the dynamics to gain higher perspective, clarity & simplicity, and finding the agency to up your game.


Be the best you can be. (PS sometimes it’s actually about getting out of your own way!)

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David Mark.jpg

David Mark

Integrative Therapist & Coach

I have always been drawn to human development. When I was about 13 years old, my eldest sister’s friend lent me some tapes by John Rohn (and yes I mean cassette tapes). He was one of the OG motivational speakers, but much more than that.. he asked some piercing questions well beyond the surface of behaviour, positivity and attitude. Rather he was digging into our personal philosophy and values.


This ‘thinking’ was lodged in my mind. Although I went on to a career in management consulting, advertising, running creative businesses, I eventually retrained as an integrative psychotherapist and coach.


Having worked with people and ideas, for nearly 30 years and when appropriately blended this creates the delicious movement from possibility to thriving individuals, organisations and communities.


Although I deeply love using psychotherapy for clients who are suffering psychologically and somatically, the uniqueness and power of coaching comes into it’s own as client’s can begin to recognise their patterns, and in an informed way move into the direction of a better or preferred scenario, using their agency and resources, at a pace that is suitable for them.


Categorically, Nutritional Medicine integrated with coaching, moves towards working with a whole human being, and not as a series of pathologies or biochemical processes. This holistic approach is exciting and one of the reasons we (Debbie, Amy and I) co-founded human-wonder.com, so people can find a range of practitioners who work across the mind and body continuum.


Back to Jimmy Rohn,  a long time ago, he said ‘success is not the having, but the doing.’ I would agree and would humbly suggest ‘success is not the having, but the doing and the being.’ For me, coaching embodies the spirit of this message.


I am married to the wonderful Khush, have two amazing teenage sons, I love sports (tennis, gym, yoga), music and mountains.



School Coordinator

Hi there! I am an enthusiastic and detail-oriented individual known for my impeccable organizational skills and vibrant personality. With a strong background in administration and a passion for nutritional medicine, I am excited to bring my unique blend of qualities to the school team. Throughout my ‘work’ life, I passionately strive to make a positive impact on educational environments and organizational efficiency and here I am doing exactly this for such an exciting School raising 21st century practitioners.


My interest in nutritional medicine stems from a deep-rooted belief in the transformative power of holistic health practices. I am intrigued by the intersection of science, wellness, and lifestyle, and I recognise the pivotal role that personalised nutrition plays along side the power of the mind aka coaching, in promoting overall well-being.


Being part of the New School resonates deeply with my professional and personal journey. I am excited not only in contributing to the efficient management and running of the New School but I am also delighted about being part of a school with such friendly and professional hub of people, this makes me excited for the future.


I am married to a beautiful man and we have 3 cute little fur babies named Cio-cio, Cia-Cia and Nana.

Student Coach
Alenka - Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.jpg

Alenka Kostiviarova

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Hi, I’m Alenka and I will be your student coach, your ‘friend on the phone/zoom’. I will support you during your journey to becoming an Integrated Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

As a child of herbs, coming from a country where there is a herbal tea for almost every ailment, and and food was eaten by the season, growing up I was always connected to a holistic approach in health and life itself.

I studied Landscape Architecture and worked with children as a nanny when I was introduced to the world of Homeopathy and Integrative Nutrition coaching. This helped me to see life in a different light, I now understood that the food I eat, thoughts I think, people I surround myself with, my work, my beliefs, my feelings, joy, money, my relationships, they are all connected.

I take clients on a metamorphosis journey to connect with themselves and listen to their own body. With tools like Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, potentised herbs, tissue/cell salts and energy healing I help clients create their own ‘magic’ in their lives.

Having been a student as an undergrad, post grad and ongoing studies and running my own coaching business, I value the importance of having support, and appreciate having an accountability ‘buddy’ who can guide me on my life journey and respect my unique approach in my health and life rather than tell me what to do (or not to do).

I enjoy helping others succeed.  I coach individuals in building their businesses and creating their unique voice and presence online and in person.

I live between London and Slovakia with my partner and daughter, enjoying the beauty of both worlds, I enjoy travelling, nature and family.

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