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A 2 year Integrated Nutrition Diploma Course; What it is and what it is not.

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

What does it mean to be a HOLISTIC nutrition course?

This questions creeps up time and again. So we are going to explain what is NOT a 'HOLISTIC nutrition course’. A holistic nutrition course is NOT one that ‘band aids’ the symptoms, here are a few examples;

  • When someone takes peppermint oil for the digestive complaints

  • When someone takes colloidal silver every time they get an ear infection

  • When someone counts calories to lose weight

  • When someone thinks their diet will fix everyone,

  • When some believes every needs to give up lentils, or everyone needs to give up meat

  • When someone takes turmeric capsules daily because otherwise they are in pain

  • When someone never gets a cold or the flu

  • When someone takes lysine daily, but as soon as they stop they break out in cold sores

  • When someone thinks fat is bad but drinking alcohol is fine

  • When someone believes taking Vitamin D helps pretty much every ailment going

  • When mum and dad are eating junk, but expect their new toddler to eat healthy

  • When someone believes that the nutritionist or nutritional therapist will fix their health problems

  • When a nutrition practitioner uses protocols, a protocol for leaky gut, a protocol for fertility issues, a protocol for weight loss….protocols are so old school and do not take into consideration BIOCHEMICAL INDIVIDUALITY.

Our HOLISTIC nutrition course is HOLISTIC as we do not believe the above and nor do we teach it.

What exactly is ‘band aiding’ the symptoms?

'Band aiding' symptoms is common in some nutrition courses that are NOT holistic. So you effectively take a supplement to ‘cover up’ an ailment. BUT when the supplement is stopped, in other words the ‘band aid’ is removed, the ailments are still there. Sadly in some cases the ailments may be worse, like ‘ripping’ off band aid and taking some of the skin off at the same time. Ouch.

It is very enticing to just put a ‘band aid’ on and ignore what is underneath. After all, it is quick, it is easy, at least it is a ‘green’ pill rather than a medical pill right?

A holistic nutrition course teaches you to be a ‘health detective’? It teaches you how to ask the right questions?

What is a HOLISTIC Nutrition course?

So let’s take a look at some one taking peppermint oil capsules for their digestive issues. HOLISTICALLY you will want to know, what exactly are those symptoms? Are they…

  • Bloating?

  • Acid reflux?

  • Constipation?

  • Belching?

  • Trapped wind?

  • Nausea?

Then once you have gathered all that information, you will want to know what else is going on in this person’s life. It may be that they do not have enough stomach acid, so although the peppermint oil capsules may be helping with the bloating, it is not helping with the low stomach acid, and for sure it is not helping the microbiome ‘down-under’. So over time this will just get worse. This individual may then need more of the peppermint oil capsules to ‘band aid’ the bloating OR this band aid stops ‘working’ altogether. Sound familiar?

- The low stomach acid may be because this individual is stressed

- The low stomach acid may be due to the fact this individual ‘inhales’ their food

- The low stomach acid maybe because this individual was on acid reflux medications

- The low stomach acid may be because this person has a low salt diet

- The low stomach acid may be because this person drinks a heavy amount of caffeine

This is holistic nutrition, we are looking at the root cause, we are not putting a ‘band aid’ on the ‘wound’.

Holistic Online Nutrition Course in London

This integrated nutrition diploma course is taught in London, in person, with real people having conversations, having lunch breaks together, connecting, sharing and getting to know each other on top of the learning that is carried out in the classes, facilitated by the teachers. We believe in community, we believe in social connection, we believe that each student has something to share and give to the ‘student community’, the teachers, as well as their wider community. For those that are residing 75 miles out side of London or residing overseas, the course is offered online with COMPULSORY LIVE participation with a vision to continue this community spirit online.

We do not believe in learning in isolation, this is a post graduate nutrition course, we are all responsible for their learning.

If you are 75 miles out side of London, the online integrated nutrition course is taught in REAL time. So if you are in the USA or in India or wherever else you may be in the world, that means you may have to wake up at odd hours for the one weekend a month of teaching. Live interaction is part of the learning process even in the 21st century.

As it is a part time nutrition course in London, it does mean that you can study and work, study and raise a family, study and study even. ;)

There are other nutrition diploma courses in London that have their own flavour, and it is important that you like the flavour that you choose. Imagine the waiter brings you a strawberry ice cream instead of chocolate. Hey, it is still an ice-cream, just a different flavour. So shop around until you find the flavour that you like, that you enjoy.

Our nutrition diploma course in London means it has the cosmopolitan flavour, it could be considered a ‘tutti frutti’ flavour, as it is fun, it is ‘city like’ (for the busy as well as not so busy), it is also like London, 21st century relevant. Can you imagine a holistic nutrition course in London, specifically a part time nutrition course in London any other way?

Our Holistic Online Nutrition Course in London (for those 75 and plus miles away) is not....

About teaching a ‘quick fix’, slap on a ‘band aid’, protocol based, nutrition course. This type of non holistic nutrition course serves no one, not the student, not the client, neither the school.

We are passionate about the WHOLE person, hence the coaching skills, the rapid relief homeopathy, the inner work, and getting to know your fellow human beings. Humans are mammals, mammals are about community, connection, and nurture.

Is this a flavour that you like?

Then feel free to apply, we look forward to hearing from you.

The world needs more of us!


From the team at The New School Of Nutritional Medicine

Learn about the Founder & Principal of the New School of Nutritional Medicine, Dr Khush Mark PhD HERE.

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