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What is a holistic nutritionist course?

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

We have queries asking

  • Is your course a ‘holistic’ nutrition course?

  • How does it compare to other holistic nutrition courses in the UK?

  • What is the holistic nutritionist certification cost?

  • Is this course available online? simple answer YES (more further on)

So this blog is going to answer these questions with some real life practical applications alongside one of the functional tests that we have included into the curriculum. There really should be no such term as 'holistic nutrition' as nutrition is just holistic, it feeds mind, body and soul, but 'hey ho', let's clear up the confusion with real life situations.

Is your course a holistic nutrition course?

Simple answer is yes, this 2 year integrated nutrition diploma course is ‘holistic’. Any nutrition course in the 21st century should be holistic in all essence of the word. We consider this nutrition diploma course holistic, or more to our preference ‘INTEGRATED’ with the whole mind-body-soul connection (remember we include coaching and rapid relief homeopathy). The certificate is a diploma in Integrated Nutritional Therapy.

Holistic nutritionist courses are not solely about nutrition and the necessary lifestyle ‘hacks’ such as:

  • sleep hygiene

  • time in nature

  • time connecting with what brings one joy

  • mindful breathing

But genuine holistic nutritionist courses, also include or should include some kind of health and wellness ‘read-out’. This may be in the form of scoring tables, such as mood out of ten or energy out of ten, sleep out of ten, meaningful social interaction out of ten and/or blood test read outs etc

But we believe that a truly holistic nutritionist course includes not only some form of ‘scoring measure’ but more importantly some type of functional testing along with coaching skills. The coaching skills are vital, as in today's day and age, behavioural medicine is powerful and necessary.


Nowadays we find some of our clients have lost touch with their bodies, their emotions, their ‘inner self’. So when you ask them about ‘how are they feeling’? How stressed they are? They may not be able to ‘quantify’ this, as stress has become their ‘norm’ or even not be able to connect with themselves.

If anything there seems to be a weird competition, one says ‘oh I have so much work on, and I am rather stressed at the moment’, another responds ‘I have so much on that my stress levels are through the roof’. When did busy-ness and stress become a competitive sport?

So a ‘holistic’ nutritionist course is also about understanding the client, understanding their story, understanding their patterns, understanding their desires, understanding their dislikes, understanding their hobbies, understanding their behaviours etc. The coaching skills module through the two years, teaches about asking the ‘right questions’, and ACTIVELY listening not just with the ears, but with the eyes. Body language is very important, picture some one in more of a high alert ‘state’, they will be sitting in a different pose to someone who is more at ease, or someone who is more in a ‘freeze’ state. We cover these subjects at the New School of Nutritional Medicine.

There are many holistic nutritionist courses in the UK as well as online, we urge any one seeking to do a course to check that the school/institution and/or the course is accredited. Our accreditations can be found HERE . Any one can call themselves a nutritionist, a coach, a homeopath, so wherever you go, check out the vitals.

How does this Integrated Nutrition Diploma Course compare to other ‘holistic’ nutrition courses in the UK?

This nutrition diploma course is the first of it’s type. It is not only integrated with the extensive coaching skills module, but also the rapid relief homeopathy. This is because we believe in the integration of mind-body and soul and respect the vital force. No other holistic nutritionist course in the UK or elsewhere provides this type of training.

So let’s dive in a bit more; one of the functional tests that we have added into our ‘holistic’ nutrition course (still prefer the word integrated) is the cortisol stress test because we believe ‘stress’ to be an essential factor in dis-ease in the 21st century. The recent pandemic has shown us that auto-immune conditions have sky rocketed, this is no exaggeration, and part of this escalation is 'stress' what we also call a wired 'HPA' axis. HPA means the Hypothalamus, Pituitary and Adrenal Axis. This is basically the communication between the mind-body from a stress perspective.

Cortisol is a stress hormone produced by the adrenals, when they are in a more ‘hyper mode’ the cortisol tends to be high, when they are ‘flagging’ the cortisol tends to be low. YET SOME ONE WITH HYPER OR FLAGGING CORTISOL LEVELS can present with the same symptoms. So in such cases to help support clients achieve their health and wellbeing goals a cortisol stress test would provide valuable insight in order to put together a personalised holistic nutrition plan for the client. We find most clients enjoy seeing their test results improve 4 months down the line, which also keeps them motivated as well as seeing improvement in their own health and wellbeing and this in itself is like a remedy.

Did you know that some people with high or low cortisol can NOT obtain optimum health until their adrenals or even, what we call in biological terms, the HPA axis is balanced and well regulated?

There is such a big buzz around the word ‘holistic’, especially ‘holistic nutrition’ or holistic nutritionist, or holistic nutritionist course, or a holistic homeopath (eye ball roll) that when we get people asking ‘is this a holistic nutritionist course?’ We would like to ask, how can a nutrition course not be holistic? We are not in the business of allopathic nutrition, we do not believe in protocols, we do not believe in a green pill for an ill. There is no protocol for Hashimoto's or a protocol for leaky gut, or a protocol for metabolic syndrome etc. this sort of 'protocol-ising' would be found on ‘allopathic’ nutrition courses that are not considering the individual in front of them as more important than the protocol. We believe in biochemical individuality. It is about the person with the dis-ease, not the dis-ease that ‘has’ the person.

We are so excited about the integration of this nutrition course with coaching, as we see the coaching skills as a key part of the ‘holistic-ness’ of this 2 year diploma course. We like to call the coaching skill training side as behavioural medicine training. Just think about it for a second, when a patient is prescribed a medication what happens in the time between the doctor visits? Generally nothing, just a medication has been added. Do you see the dilemma? What happens in between those visits, can create health or further dis-ease, we take this time in between visits seriously as that is where the healing happens not in the doctor's office or in the pill.

Another one of many reasons why we strongly believe in the integration of nutrition, coaching and rapid relief homeopathy.....

Did you know that high cortisol levels during pregnancy can result in a newborn that is ‘hyper sensitive’? The newborn can be hypersensitive to foods, to the environment such as loud noises or being put down, or being around others. They may have eczema or asthma (the atopic conditions). These atopic conditions are generally then treated with cortisol (see the link?) which is a pharmaceutical version, that is much more potent than the body’s own physiological levels of cortisol. This synthetic version is pretty 'darn' strong, that it suppresses the immune system, in other words impacts/suppresses the babies HPA axis.

What does this do longterm?

Most people are aware of the side effects of steroid medications, but as HOLISTIC nutritional therapists we know these medications can also impact the developing child’s ‘resilience’.

What is resilience?

Simply put it is NOT being iron man or iron woman such that everything bounces off them and they should be ‘strong’ and weather the storms, this is so far from 'HOLISTIC’. Resilience is the ability to adapt to change. These medications can impact the ability to adapt to change.

So on this two year INTEGRATED course, to become a HOLISTIC nutritionist means understanding the impact of medications on the body systems, not just the impact of nutrition. ALSO being able to blend those vital coaching skills in providing the ‘mother’ with support so she can look after her ‘highly vigilant’ baby without 'burning out' or falling apart or going into 'hyper-vigilance' herself. This scenario is sadly more common now than even a decade ago.

In order to become a certified holistic nutritionist or some call the profession a certified nutritional therapist (all much of a muchness), we will teach you these fundamentals and beyond. A 21st century holistic nutritionist course involves understanding (as mentioned before) the client first and foremost, and then all the acquired and exciting nutritional medicine knowledge, coaching skill knowledge and the rapid relief homeopathy knowledge. This is all taught with the student in mind as well as the 21st century needs for future practitioner in nutritional therapy.


What is the holistic nutritionist certification cost?

The cost for any course that is worth doing is an investment, we do not perceive it as a cost. Cost usually comes with the feeling of 'loss', the only loss you may feel from doing this course, is the awareness of the loss in not knowing all that you will learn, why were we not taught this in school, in biology, in science? This loss is totally justified.

On enrolling you are investing in your future, your health and wellbeing. Nothing can replace health and wellbeing, nothing can replace a sound mind, a healthy body that is loved.

The investment for the two year course is £8000

These fees include:

  • Teaching sessions

  • Passionate and knowledgeable teachers

  • Comprehensive lecture notes

  • Access to the student membership page

  • Recorded lectures available on the student membership site

  • Home study feedback from qualified and experienced practitioners in the relevant modalities

  • Online Student clinics in year 2

  • Supervision for student clinic write ups

  • Student support with a student support coach/mentor

  • Access to recorded lectures for the 2 years (September start of year 1 to September end of year 2 )

This course is fully accredited so this results in the graduate being a certified holistic nutritionist or certified integrated nutritional therapist. Once qualified you can also join the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) which is a well established and recognised mentoring and coaching body.

Is this course available online?

This course IS available online IF you reside 75 miles plus out side of London. All LIVE participation is required, and 85% attendance is necessary over the two year integrated nutrition diploma course. We highly encourage every student applying to attend in person as this way you get the most out of the amazing, dynamic and 21st century relevant training.

All our team, are in the people 'business', we love people, we want to see everyone thrive, and we believe this includes seeing your full presence in physical form in class. It is an interactive and practical course therefore LIVE interaction is compulsory.

How do I obtain a diploma in holistic nutrition?

This varies according to the school/institution and/or course. To obtain the Diploma in Integrated Nutritional Therapy at The New School of Nutritional Medicine, every student throughout the two years is required to (whether attending in person on live online):

  • submit and pass all set assignments

  • attend and participate in the weekend lectures

  • attend and participate in student clinics throughout year 2

  • participate and document all live coaching sessions throughout year 2

  • submit and pass all nutrition graduation cases

  • submit and pass the final coaching assignment in year 2

The curriculum is inspiring, 21st century relevant, rigorous, and fun! Therefore, no coffee required ;)

We hope to see on the course if you are passionate, curious, excited and intrinsically motivated!

The world needs more of us!


From the team at The New School Of Nutritional Medicine

Learn about the Founder & Principal of the New School of Nutritional Medicine, Dr Khush Mark PhD HERE.

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