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Raising 21st century practitioners in nutrition medicine

A two year accredited integrated nutrition diploma course



 This integrated nutrition course is the first of it's kind. The old school model served it’s purpose, now into the 21st century we are offering an inspiring, unique, comprehensive and an engaging practical education with a Diploma in Nutrition integrated with coaching skills and rapid relief homeopathy. 

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Modern day practitioners graduating from The New School Of Nutritional Medicine will be fully qualified in nutritional medicine with a strong emphasis on coaching to support your training.  The nutrition and coaching industry is growing at such a fast pace, we believe these modalities are vital ingredients for the successful and thriving 21st century practitioner in nutrition. This diploma course integrates the coaching skills into the curriculum throughout the two year part time diploma. The course is accredited


You will learn about the fundamentals of nutritional medicine, we believe 'food is medicine', the original medicine.  You will also learn to apply specific nutrition functional health tests all combined with the core basics of pharmacology and each body system.  The teaching is WHOLEsome and integrated. Check out the reviews by previous students in nutrition.   


Education has changed, we believe you do not require endless lectures and endless note taking but an inspiring and practical education with your life being the most important textbook on the reading list. You will apply the knowledge and practical teachings into daily life from the 'get go'. 


Becoming a successful practitioner in any modality, not just nutrition means doing the 'inner' work, which involves being coached, and you will be coached from the very first weekend until the very last weekend of the 2 year Nutrition Diploma Course. Once you have successfully completed the course and qualified you can join to become a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.  We ask you come with seat belts, and we will provide the cushions but no back seat drivers allowed, as we are all drivers of our own lives. 

We also provide an extensive rapid relief homeopathy course module as part of the integrated nutrition course. This allows all practitioners qualifying from the school to be able to use homeopathy in acute situations for rapid relief.  The recent virus has taught us that 'several tools in the bag come very handy' and rapid relief homeopathy is one of those vital and 'useful' tools. 


Homeopathy is a form of nano medicine that can be used to swiftly re-balance acute symptoms, no suppression, no side effects, no LD50s. And of course, no nutritional medicine school would be complete without the teachings of the thirty three biochemical cell/tissue salts. These will be taught throughout the two year integrated nutrition Diploma course.

If you want to join this movement of 21st Century practitioners, download the the integrated nutrition course syllabus, have a read of the blogs, check out the reviews and if the information and energy 'lights your fire' then apply here, we would love to connect with you. 

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We believe a health practitioner in the 21st century is one that has a passion for wellness in wholeness, one who looks beyond the food labels, looks beyond the food on the plate, understands WHOLENESS , is an inspiration, is empathetic and knows and understands them-self. 

The old system was about the, serving size, reading food labels, counting calories, analysing the ingredients, checking the sodium content, achieving the RDA levels, in essence all about the 'externals' .....


....but what about the individual who is sitting in your clinic looking for guidance with their newly diagnosed diabetes? 

It is not just about the serving size, but who is serving and who is being served.

It is not just about the food labels, or the diagnosis label but the individual experiencing the label.

It is not just about the food calories but the calories of our relationships.

It is not about the sodium content but the sodium in context. Just as it is not about the individual but the individual in relation to his/her environment. 

In nutritional medicine we joke about the achieving the 'Recommended Deadly Allowance' (RDA instead of the Recommended Daily Allowance) versus the optimum levels of a nutrient. It is not any different to our daily choices, these choices can  lead to health or dis-ease. Do you get your daily quota of joy, love, enriching relationships? On this integrated nutrition course we will be teaching about the WHOLE person that includes mind, head and heart too. Vitamin joy, vitamin love and the social connection vitamin. These are not an option, they are essential ingredients and a key part of the integrated nutrition course. 

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We take pride in offering a cutting edge and enriching integrated nutrition course that is practical, inspiring and rigorous. The syllabus encompasses: 

  • Nutrition Medicine

  • Coaching

  • Rapid Relief Homeopathy


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As Hippocrates said, ‘Food is Medicine’
Nutrition is about nurturing the WHOLE person. We believe that nutritional medicine is not ‘alternative medicine’, but it is the original medicine. The nutrition course covers a variety of topics, that have been chosen due to their importance and relevance in the 21st century. 

The nutrition module encompasses 50% of the curriculum on the two year integrated nutrition course. This course is fully accredited. 


Coaching is taught and experienced throughout the two years. Coaching is a vital and intrinsic part of the student's life. During the studies, the students are coached so that they can enhance their nutrition

practice. We believe with coaching, you are the most important case study and your life is the most significant assignment. These sessions will be interactive, inspiring and transformative.  Coaching skills are an integral part of supporting clients in achieving their health and wellbeing goals with confidence, assurance and self acceptance. The coaching curriculum constitutes 25% of the first year and 50% of the second year on the integrated nutrition course. Once you have successfully completed the course and qualified you can join to become a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

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In the first year of this two year integrated nutrition course, we provide a comprehensive training in homeopathy for rapid relief.  Homeopathy is a safe and effective medicine that complements nutrition when you need a quick acute remedy without suppressing the innate healing wisdom of the body.
The Rapid Relief Homeopathy module constitutes 25% of the first year's curriculum on this nutrition course.

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Discovery and Learning

The transformative learning experiences at The New School Of Nutritional Medicine are designed to help our students to grow both in and out of the 'classroom'. We believe each day is filled with opportunities to embrace new educational, social, and emotional experiences from the world around you.


Our teachers create a safe, engaging and warm environment where they  guide students in their learning and development during their studies. 


We follow a high academic standard and the course is fully accredited. The  objectives are fluid, with occasional revisions developed in response to the changing world around us. 

The integrated nutrition course is taught over 20 weekends in two years, designed to fully prepare the student for a successful professional practice in nutritional medicine. Low cost clinics are attended by all students.


Each teaching day is from 10am – 5.30pm. Recordings and power point lecture notes are available for classes. If you are overseas, no problem, BUT we require your participation in the live sessions online. Interaction is vital, community is indispensable. 

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If you are interested and want to apply, fabulous!  But do hurry as we start on September 17th, 2022 and we have limited classroom numbers.  We look forward to receiving your application form. The application process is as follows; 

  1. Download the syllabus, if you like what you see, then have a read of the blogs 

  2. Like what you read.....then

  3. Complete and submit the application form online

  4. You will be contacted by email within 3 working days, if your application is successful you will be invited to an online interview. 

  5. Following the interview you will be notified within 72 working hours if your application has been successful.

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2 year Diploma £8800

£400 admin fee is non-refundable.

This administration fee includes an £80 application fee. 

Option One 

One single payment of £8000 that has a £400 discount. 

Option Two 

Two payments of £4,055 with £290 discount.

Option Three 

22 x Monthly payments of £381.81. 

Want to view further details on fees?



Check out our latest posts about Nutritional Medicine, Life Coaching and the Course!


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 “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do" 



We are very excited and busy getting the final plans together, more information coming soon.


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