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There is a new kid on the block, and it is an ESSENTIAL SATURATED fatty acid (Pentadecanoic Acid C-15).

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By Team at the New School

There is a new ESSENTIAL FATTY ACID! ...yes a new kid on the block. It has not been embraced much, even among practitioners in nutrition. The big focus seems to be on omega 3s, omega 3s and more omega 3s.

May be because it is a SATURATED fatty acid? The term 'saturated fat' still tends to still have some negative reverberations in the subconscious.

It has been in the science for a while, but it is still missing in Nutrition Schools.

The data is clear and it is vital to know about this ESSENTIAL saturated fatty acid, ESSENTIAL, meaning required from our food, as our body cannot make essential fatty acids.

It is proving to be 3x more effective than EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) a pure omega-3.

It has been shown to reduce:

  • a poor lipid profile

  • fatty liver

  • blood sugar levels

Hard to believe from a saturated fat, right?

This new essential saturated fatty acid is called C-15 or Pentadecanoic Acid. It is 15 carbons long and belongs to the family of odd-chain fatty acids (has an odd number of carbons).

We also have the EVEN chain saturated fatty acids (have even number of carbons) and their role is more inflammatory when we have too many of them. Note, when we have TOO MANY of them, but they are vital.

Click on the image below..to read more about C-15 if you like 'geeking out' on this stuff. If not then just scroll past and read the more punchy 'juicy bits'.

Nutrition medicine evolves, as science progresses, we have not had a new ESSENTIAL fatty acid since the last 90 years, we think it's about time for this new kid. Moreso, with all the chronic health challenges we are facing in the 21st century, this comes with a sigh of relief.

What does ESSENTIAL fatty acid mean exactly?

It means these fats are only obtained from the outside, our body cannot make these fatty acids, so they are ESSENTIAL.

You have heard of the omega 3s and omega 6s, which are also essential. These fats are POLY-UNSATURATED (many carbon-carbon double bonds). These omega 3s and 6s need the new kid on the block, they do not work in isolation, nothing works in isolation in our body.

The cell membrane is made from a variety of fatty acids and the composition of the cell membrane mainly depends on the type of food you consume. If you are eating a typical Western diet then you will be lacking the omega 3s and you may even have oxidised omega 3s and 6s. Cell membrane health is vital for well-being, BUT and this is a big BUT, cell membrane health also depends on your detox capacity.

These fatty acids in the cell membrane are like a team of people and C-15 is that person who holds the team together, that's the new ESSENTIAL fatty acid. It gives the cell membrane more 'structure'. The omegas are more flexible, making the cell membrane more 'bendy' and the C15 make the cell membrane more 'sturdy'.

For a healthy cell membrane you want that Goldi-lock's effect, the right balance between these fatty acids.

How do we find this right balance? We test, we do not guess.

At the New School of Nutritional Medicine, we teach the students about fatty acids and oxidation and the negative impact of seed oils etc but we also teach functional tests and in the case of fatty acid balance we look at the comprehensive fatty acids tests that include this vital essential C-15.

This test provides a comprehensive analysis of the fats in the cell membrane.

Can you spot the C15 below? Hint it is a saturated fatty acid and has 15 carbons.

This test is important in cases of autism, PANDAS, skin conditions such as hay fever, eczema, asthma, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), high blood pressure, diabetes to name a few.

Our students learn not only the fundamentals of fatty acids, but the differences, their function, metabolism, and analysis and interpretation of the fatty acid profile tests.

Most fatty acids tests do not offer this C-15 and therefore it does not provide a bigger picture of how to support health through the science of membrane health. You may have all the team members present, but without that person who keeps the team together, the team won't be functioning as well. The same goes for the cells without the C-15 team member.

At the New School of Nutritional Medicine, we like teamwork!

The C-15 ranges are:

  • 0.25% is a C-15 deficiency

  • 0.2-0,4% is within the normal range (who wants to be normal?)

  • 0.4-0.65% is optimal range

We want optimal! That means thriving not surviving.

This 'new' C-15 essential fatty acid is vital in:

  • immune regulation

  • longevity

  • cell membrane stability

It also improves blood lipid profile, reduces blood sugar and resolves fatty liver.

When cell membranes are more stable, the cell is more resilient not only to oxidation but to the plethora of 'stressors'.

Being more resilient means better HEALTH and WELL-BEING.

Oxidation is not a 'bad thing' per se, it is necessary in order to deal with all manner of 'toxins' but too much oxidation is troublesome.

It is a bit like, sun-bathing, you need sunshine, but you also need plenty of anti-oxidants to help that skin from being 'damaged' by too much sunlight. Your skin is made up of cells, so for these to be healthy cells, they require a good balance of these essential fatty acids. We need oxidation in times of 'warfare' but not in times of peace.

The intricate cell membrane

Have a look at that amazing cell membrane.

You have that in you in every cell! That phospholipid bilayer is what houses the fatty acids. The types of fatty acids in these phospholipids are important. How is your cell membrane health?

How do you increase C-15? The main source is FULL FAT dairy and some green vegetables.

However, it is most effective taken in supplement form and not mixed with any other ingredients.

The question is what type of dairy are you having, if any? Have you checked our Farmer Jon's podcast with Khush?

If you ask your doctor about the essential fatty acid C-15, he/she will most likely not even be aware of this fatty acid, as it usually takes 17 years for the science to be implemented by main stream medicine. This is no fault of their own, but the lag in education in main team medicine.

Why are medical professionals not taught about nutritional medicine? FOOD IS MEDICINE, there is no denying it and we need 21st-century practitioners who can do this life-changing work. We love our curriculum and are very excited for our students as they get to put all this education into practice and change lives as well as their own, as they study with us.


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We know all our students by name

This is Marina, one of our students sharing her journey so far at the New School of Nutritional Medicine. Marina is now moving into year 2 in September 2024.

To Wholeness!

From the team at the New School Of Nutritional Medicine

Learn about the Founder & Principal of the New School of Nutritional Medicine, Dr Khush Mark PhD HERE.

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