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Open Day:

Saturday July 20th 2024, 9.30am-11.30am GMT ONLINE

Can't make an open day? Request a recording of the online open day by emailing us below. 

If you want to train at the New School of Nutritional Medicine, we are currently taking applications and interviewing prospective students.  Due to the integrative and dynamic nature of this unique diploma course, spaces are limited (total 30 spaces of which 6 are for online students). If you are looking to study with us, do not delay, deadline for applications is Wednesday July 31st, midnight. We start the first weekend on September 21st. We are raising 21st century practitioners! The course is not only unique, it is fun, practical, immersive, relevant and intense. Each weekend is an educational and self-discovery adventure. We are building a community of like-minded curious souls. If you are unable to make the open days, you can request for a recording of the open-day video. Just drop us an email hello@newschoolofnutrition.com. We will be sharing about the School, our unique curriculum, our vision for the school and you will have the opportunity to chat with us and ask questions. Kindly note this School is based in London. Those students overseas or more than 100 plus miles from London can attend online, via. LIVE participation ONLY, as we like the human connection and we believe in learning together as a community, We encourage you to check out our website and the FAQs (https://www.newschoolofnutrition.com/frequently-asked-questions) page, as some of your questions may be answered there too. We start the academic year on September 21st, 2024 and it will be here before we know it.  Hope to see you soon! From,  The Team at the New School of Nutritional Medicine.

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