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Educating vs Schooling the Immune System Part 2

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

The naturopathic nutrition module at the New School Of Nutritional Medicine believes in educating the immune system rather than what we believe is equivalent to ‘schooling’ the immune system. If you missed part 1, not to worry, HERE is the link.

What does it mean to 'SCHOOL'?

We know we have named ourselves the New School of Nutritional Medicine but we are from schooling, we believe in educating.

Schooling is rigid, it raises individuals dependent on a system. Ask a child what they like about school you will be blessed to find a child say ‘the learning’, the answer is usually 'play time or my friends'.

What does ‘schooling look like in the West….

  • to sit and learn quietly

  • to work on our homework alone

  • to compete with each other, tests and grouping according to 'ability'

  • to have ‘fun’ during set hours such as 'play time'

  • to ‘write’ when you may want to draw

  • to prep us for a workforce that does not even exist

  • to memorise and later forget when tests are over

  • to depend on the system

  • to socialise only during ‘play time’

  • to be taught topics that are irrelevant to the current times

  • topics 'missed' that involve learning from history…what is the real history?

This may all sound a bit harsh, so take it with a pinch of salt as it maybe your school or your child's school is more free and children are respected and trusted to educate themselves with guides and safety.

What does EDUCATION look like?

  • thinking for yourself

  • encourages self development

  • encourages questions

  • inspiring teaching

  • assignments (not homework) that apply the teaching into every day practical life

  • work in groups

  • coming up with your own creative ideas from the learning

  • questioning what you are taught

  • debating and discussing the differences

  • empowerment

Real and relevant education teaches an ‘individual’ how to fish, to be independent and to live our purpose. ‘Schooling’ teaches ‘individuals’ to rely on others for your daily ‘fish’ and live for someone else’s purpose. We may find the odd, inspiring teacher that may just inspire us enough to be the 'outlier'.

So what has this got to do with the immune system? .

Let’s look at the tonsils, if you want to read about Strep A and how to help yourself and your family have a read of this BLOG. Have you ever thought about why we have these masses of soft tissue at the back of our mouth called the tonsils?

Tonsils are part of the first line of defence, so they are pretty important, a 'bit' like the gatekeepers. Tonsils prevent pathogens from going deeper into the body, such as into the respiratory system or the digestive system. We breathe in pathogens all the time, is it a miracle that we are alive and well.

The tonsils are lymphoid organs containing immune cells like macrophages which basically ‘gobble’ invaders and they also contain T and B cells the more ‘grown up members of the immune family’. Overall, the tonsils are an important part of the immune system.

This is where the immune system is learning to grow up, raising and exercising a ‘healthy immune system’. In Western society we have got into 'schooling' the immune system rather than educating it.

When we decide to give paracetamol, to suppress the fever, or antibiotics to stop the infection, we are shutting down the education of the immune system. We are in a way making the immune system depend on an external system, an artificial system that has consequences.

When we decide to spray some colloidal silver, take a surge of sunshine vitamin in a pill, we are ‘schooling’ the immune system. Sure, this may help stop the infection in it’s tracks…but hold on? Has the immune system just been ‘cheated’? Has the immune system just had the ‘rug pulled out form under it’?

This may come as a bit of a surprise, but giving a green pill and arresting the immune system from taking it’s universal given power is not helping with the development of the immune system.

Watch a young child, he/she puts all sorts in their mouth, takes it out, rolls it around on the floor, puts it back in the mouth, may be a quick finger up the nose for extra measure, he/she is not only growing and developing physically and mentally, they are also educating their immune system at the same time.

In comes the law enforcement with the baton (antibiotics) and there is no schooling or education, all has been ‘taken over’.

Or in comes the ‘bossy’ teacher with colloidal silver, sunshine pills, as if they know better, 'schooling' the immune system.

Back to the tonsils

The tonsils have a rich blood supply as well as deep crypts and lymph nodules. Many bacteria and viruses ‘hang out’ in these crypts, this is the natural microbiome, there is a community living in these alleyways and street corners.

FIVE arteries supply the tonsils with goodies, no surprise there…these goodies ideally should be clean nutrients, good amount minerals, vitamins, good flow of oxygen, blood that is not too viscous or too thin (so not too much sugar), plenty of anti-oxidants, plenty of glutathione, plenty of movement (healthy lining of the arterial walls), low levels of toxins. This is all taught over the two year course in the nutritional medicine curriculum because all this matters. Nowadays more children have antibiotics and other medications like acid reflux medications and steroids than in the past. These add a burden to the immune system, not just the detox system.

The integrated nutrition course teaches how to analyse and interpret various tests, this includes looking at toxins, looking at the health of the nervous system, looking at the impact of stress on the adrenals, looking at minerals, looking at the impact of food on the microbiome, the balance of omega 3s versus omega 6s etc. All these tests are relevant to raising 21st century practitioners.

So when we spray that colloidal silver or 'natursl' antimicrobials etc we are also hindering the natural microbiome. This is what we call ‘schooling’ of the immune system.

The lymph nodules inside the tonsils contain macrophages, T and B cells. They keep an ‘eye’ out, they do not go to war for no reason, they do not create un-necessary drama. They just 'hang out' and every now and then, when necessary they exercise their ‘agency’ to ensure that the foreign invader does not get ‘too big for his/her boots’.

So when there is a ‘drama’ ideally it should be a healthy drama, which means the tonsils swell, there is a fever, there may be some smelly breath, low energy, some emotional release, this may also come out on the skin depends on the ‘invader type’. Some invaders have affinities for certain parts of the body. All this is to be expected, it means the body, the immune system are at work.

An educated immune system goes through the four stages of inflammation with ‘flow’. This whole process can take from a day to a week or so.


When a child’s body is run down, not eating well, diet high in sugar, low in nutrients, or has been living in an environment of stress, lack of fresh air, exercise, or has had previous medications such as antibiotics, acid reflux medications, has a high load of toxins, this process will need a ‘nudge’, the immune system will need support. Whilst working on the toxins, the nutrients, the adrenals, the detox system, the lymphatic system etc...we use Rapid Relief Homeopathy for acutes whenever necessary, we also teach how to use the biochemical cell salts too.

Sometimes in order to educate ourselves we have to unlearn and re-educate. We believe in educating and not 'schooling'.

If we have been used to spraying green products, or taking green pills or taking antibiotics, or running on adrenaline and then we sign up to a School that goes against what we have been taught in school, college or university…it can be a rather life changing journey. We integrate the inner coaching to un-learn, un-ravel, and re-learn, and then educate the whole mind-body and soul.

Whatever one calls it….

  • naturopathic medicine

  • nutritional medicine

  • holistic nutritional therapy

  • Integrated nutrition

.....if it does not encompass the whole person, then it is like 'schooling' the immune system, or schooling health.

Coaching is a core part of the Integrated Nutritional Medicine Diploma. We have also integrated the Rapid Relief Homeopathy module for supporting 'acute conditions' which arise as the body detoxes, as we reduce our toxin burden.

We educate our students to honour the life force, the innate wisdom of the body. We teach how the body works from a naturopathic perspective. We integrate the PNIE-M (Psycho-Neuro-Immuno-Endocrine-Microbiome) System into our curriculum and update our teaching lectures as the research dictates.

We love what we do, all our team members work in their respective fields as well as teach.

If you want to know more about the school and/or the integrated nutrition diploma, drop us a line and we can let you know about our open days in 2023.

TO WHOLE-ness!

From the team at the New School Of Nutritional Medicine.

Learn about the Founder & Principal of the New School of Nutritional Medicine, Dr Khush Mark PhD HERE.

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