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Ever feel stuck, can't see a way out?

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

By David Mark

Life Coaching for Health and Wellbeing

Meet Pablo.....Pablo's beliefs have been choking his daily existence and possibilities for living fully.

Recently, Pablo (a client) who has suffered from depression to crippling anxiety began working with me. He has trouble sleeping at night, has night terrors about his wife and kids leaving him, and he hates his job.

In fact Pablo has hated his job for at least a decade. His anxiety has been so bad that he has seen psychiatrists, been on various prescriptions drugs and seen various therapists for the last 8 years. He has also been extended leave from work so that he can recuperate.

When we started working together, it was clear he had done lots of inner healing, worked on his early years, worked on his cognitions through CBT and taken the full psychiatric route and yet he was still stuck, in this terrible cycle of anxiety and ruminating thoughts of how he hated his working life, dreaded going to work and didn’t feel like he’s living his purpose on purpose.

The Power of Coaching

In our work, he spent time considering his current scenario, his behaviours, skills and strengths, his values, core beliefs and his sense of identity. It was true, what he was doing for ‘a living’ was not in concert with his values and self concept. These are all core areas we look into as coaches.

Curiosity about the future

By nudging Pablo’s curiosity about the possibility of a different career, caused a shift in perspective. At first he was really resistant, as ‘imagining a different future’ was ‘not an option,’ he had a mortgage to pay.

Together we explored what a different future could look and feel like, by using creative approaches ways rather than just the dreary and predictable 5 year plan. It was important to really understand what was important to him, from many facets, such as was this more physical or cognitive, was it working with people or ideas or things, what kind of physical environment could it be, would it be self employed or working for others. We also considered what sacrifices he would be prepared to make, such as further study / training, or materially what would he / his family be prepared to make.

Visceral exploration

It is so important to really, viscerally explore what does a good future look like, because if a person internalises this, this can be a powerful springboard especially when facing dark periods of uncertainty when going through transitions.

As we are going through this journey of discovery, Pablo is beginning to see cracks of light, shining through. Collaborative coaching has provided a possibility of options (that traditional therapy did not offer), new career paths, enjoyment, enrichment and meaning. The arc of possibility is unfolding for Pablo, and this is exciting.

Coaching at the New School of Nutritional Medicine

When people view health, they can sometimes view it as just the food on the plate, some tests, some supplements, some exercise..but what about the WHOLE person?

What about their daily job? What about their relationships? What about JOY in their life? A career that has you 'stuck' can rob you of Vitamin Joy, can rob you of your of health.

We are passionate about the WHOLE person. We believe health and wellbeing is more than nutrition. Our coaching curriculum in year one is primarily about self discovery, who are you? what are your beliefs? what matters to you? where do you want to be in the future? Is your current situation providing you with vitamin joy?

We believe you need to know yourself and have the best relationship with yourself first before working with others. Understanding and knowing yourself is a vital part of being a 'healthy, thriving' practitioner.

Our Unique Coaching Curriculum

The coaching curriculum is taught and led by a wonderful and professional team of coaches who between them have years of experience and include qualifications in psychology and psycho-therapy. The coaching curriculum is deeper than a standard coaching course because we believe that our students can work at a deeper level with their clients as they also work on themselves. A great coach, indeed a great practitioner is also doing their own inner work. The inner work is part of our inner coaching training in the first year of the part time 2 year diploma course.

We teach various models in coaching that are effective and bring transformational lasting change in the lives of our students and those they will be working with and surrounded by.

The aim is to embody the whole curriculum (the coaching, nutritional medicine and Rapid Relief homeopathy). This is done through 'doing and experiencing' the learning from the 'get go'. This means we have no spectators, hence the course is LIVE interaction, be it online because the student is off the Island or in the flesh in the class.


We believe in community and we believe in trust and respect. We have triads every teaching weekend, and these are sacred and powerful as this is where 'the inner coaching' begins and continues throughout the two years. Some of the topics covered are in our syllabus which is downloadable HERE.

We believe that to be healthy means being healthy as a WHOLE being, which means mindbody integrated.

To Wholeness!

From the team at the New School Of Nutritional Medicine.

Learn about the Founder & Principal of the New School of Nutritional Medicine, Dr Khush Mark PhD HERE.

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