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Is It Hay Fever Season For You?

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

It is that season over here...remember histamine is your friend and so is inflammation, but if the inflammation gets a 'little out of control' that is when we may need a helping hand.

Every 'chemical' produced by the body is there for a reason. Did you know histamine is VITAL. It is key in inflammation, plays a key role in the part of the immune system known as INNATE immunity.

So why do we block histamine? That ‘histamine hating’ season is kicking off here in the UK, but have you ever asked 'what exactly is histamine'? There are various types of histamine receptors. So when hay fever 'hits' and the antihistamines come out, remember you are also blocking histamine receptors that play a vital role in BRAIN health.

Most anti-histamines work by blocking histamine receptors, but long term use of these anti-histamines can worsen the ‘allergy’, such as hay fever. Do you know anyone who gets hay fever who started on anti-histamines, then ended up on steroids as the anti-histamines stopped ‘cutting it’? It is quite a common occurrence. Hay fever is not a 'histamine issue'...it is just the tipping point.

Be mindful when you opt for anti-histamines, as one of the receptors for histamine actually protects the blood-brain barrier. So if you are using anti-histamines without a second thought remember they have been shown to increase the risk of glioma and dementia (science links below if you want to read more).

Some Published Science Articles For Further Information


Homeopathic Remedies For Hay Fever

Our Favourite cell salts for hay fever include:

  1. ferrum phosphoricum 9x

  2. Natrum Muriaticum 6x

  3. Arsenicum Iodatum 6x

You can order these in combination from any good homeopathic pharmacy. We like Helios, Nelsons and Ainsworth here in London. But if you are anywhere else in the world, contact your local homeopathic pharmacy. You can take these cell salts two pills twice a day until the season passes for you.

Some Specific Homeopathic Remedies For Hay Fever


Lots of watery discharge from nose which can burn the upper lip and nose, watery eyes, violent sneezing. WORSE: late afternoon and eve, late summer and warm room. BETTER: open air/breeze. Better for discharges, if stuffed up can get headache


Similar to allium cepa but the tears are burning unlike in allium cepa and around eyes can be red. Watery discharge from nose BUT BLAND does not burn the nose, Intense sneezing, Cough more of a tickly irritation in the throat. WORSE; warm breeze, wind and morning. BETTER: lying down at night


Eyes water when sneezing or yawning, swollen lids, burning, Violent sneezing, streaming nose with itching and tickling, one nostril blocked whilst other streams. Itchy roof of mouth, tongue feels burnt, sore throat, WORSE: outdoors. BETTER: sweets, warm drinks


Itching of the inner corner of the eye. Itching at back of the throat as if something stuck there. Violent sneezing with lots of discharge that is burning and irritating. Itching centre of roof of mouth extends to throat. Dry, tickling hacking cough . Tight chest. Thirsty for cold drinks, difficult to swallow but constant desire to swallow saliva but does not relieve pain. Weariness and sadness


Asthmatic breathing or breathlessness. Violent sneezing. Burning watery catarrh that can burn upper lip. Eyes inflammed, stinging, burning pains, generally feeling blocked even with discharge. WORSE: cold, dry, windy weather, midnight-2am. BETTER: open air/breeze


Violent sneezing and itching in nose and pain at root of nose. Itching in mouth, roof and ears. Usually early season and no discharge


Photophobic, eyes smarting and sore. Morning sneezing, runny, burning catarrh. Blocks alternate nostrils. Sore throat, itching in throat, windpipe, inner ears. Headache/migraine Irritable and chilly. WORSE: night, coffee. BETTER: open air


Eyes are heavy, hot, swollen and puffy. Violent sneezing with watery burning discharge Sore throat, dry , burning, sensation of lump, pain in ears on swallowing.. Exhausted, apathetic, listless, trembling, achy. Soreness and bruised feeling all over body. Feels better for perspiring/sweating..

All homeopathic remedies can be ordered from a local homeopathic pharmacy.

To WHOLEness!

From the team at The New School Of Nutritional Medicine

Learn about the Founder & Principal of the New School of Nutritional Medicine, Dr Khush Mark PhD HERE.

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