Out with the Old, In with the New

Updated: Aug 9

Is a two year training enough to be a confident practitioner?

Before delving into answering this question, let's reframe that: ‘How many 3/4 year courses raise confident practitioners?’

Let’s have a look at how education has changed; at one time we learned only from books and lessons taught by ‘teachers’, but now we have information at the touch of a button, we have access to books that in the past we had to reserve from the library, we have podcasts, we have YouTube, so with all this why would you require a three/four year course IF it can be taught and delivered well in less time?

Why not use 21st century tools at our disposal in a resourceful manner?

Can you imagine being taught ‘Anatomy and Physiology’ in class for two hours when you can get more in 20 minutes from YouTube taught by someone who is passionate about the subject? Hands up if your Anatomy and Physiology lecturer was watching the clock as well as you? So why waste time and money to pay someone who turns a wonderful exciting subject into a boring ‘black and white’ text book? There is no space for dinosaurs or dinosaur teaching methods on this nutrition diploma course.

We have invested time and effort into the content of the integrated nutrition course and the delivery style, that you will be inspired and motivated.

Imagine, you have a class on the cardio-vascular system, the teacher starts to talk about the heart, what an amazing organ, how many times does it pump again in a whole life time? It is mind blowing right? He/she then goes onto the blood vessels, you are engaged, then comes the bit about the different muscle cells of the blood vessels, and then onto the structure of the endothelial cells, …wait, wait…are you training to be a doctor? Are you training to be a surgeon? So why go into detail that is not relevant? Why waste time?

How about teaching the fundamentals of the cardio-vascular system and leaving the rest to watch on YouTube in your own time, if it inspires you to? What if, in conjunction with teaching the heart, we teach about the mitochondria that have their own DNA that come from your mamma bear, these amazing organelles that produce energy so your heart can pump that life enhancing oxygenated blood around the body. Mess with the mitochondria you mess with the heart, mess with the fuel for the mitochondria such as the quality of fats in the diet, you mess with the heart. Mess with the transport of the fats such as putting these oils in plastic bottles in hot vehicles to be shipped from France to England, you mess with the cardio-vascular system. Mess with the extraction process of the oil from the seed, you mess with blood pressure. You will not find this paragraph taught on YouTube, this is where we the teachers come in.

This nutrition school is set up to raise 21st century practitioners, the teaching is relevant, practical, inspiring and integrated. You will not be taught ‘Anatomy and Physiology’ separately from your nutrition sessions, it makes no sense and it just takes up valuable teaching time. YouTube will be your friend for certain short videos.

How about the hormonal system? ….Learning about the sex hormones is a fascinating subject, teaching about oestrogen dominance in relation to the birth control pill, in relation to antibiotics, in relation to the gut microbiome, in relation to blood sugar regulation, in relation to inflammation, in relation to visceral fat tissue is so much more relevant, inspiring, practical and TIME rich THAN teaching about each individual sex hormone, where each individual sex hormone is produced, the 'nitty gritty' detail of the menstrual cycle, the ‘bits and bobs’ of an ovarian follicle. The latter can be found on YouTube and a good teaching video on YouTube can be 20 minutes in length instead of hours being taken out of a teaching weekend.

The vibe of the New School

In essence, the curriculum, the teaching, the vibe of the school is 21st century relevance with the vision of raising practitioners for our times. The nutrition diploma curriculum is rigorous, it is fun, it is practical and it is nurturing.

We believe if our students are empowered and inspired they will be empowering and inspiring as practitioners of nutrition with strong practical life coaching skills and rapid relief homeopathy in their tool box not as a bonus but as a vital 21st century tool..

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