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Iron, Ferrum Phos, Cell Salt, Mineral: Call it what you will but it is a firm favourite

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Iron is such a key mineral that it is also known as the 'work horse' of minerals. We have an e-course on the 12 Naturopathic Biochemical Cell Salts that you may want to 'dive into'. Learn about them and learn how to use them in your home. No time like the present!

If you missed our two introduction blogs on cell salts (also know as tissue salts) you may want to read those first, HERE.

Ferrum Phosphate is also known as Ferrum Phos for short

We started our very first ever teaching weekend. It is such a pleasure and joy to be teaching such fascinating and important, healing subjects at the New School. We have students from various parts of the world, as it is online as well as in person in London. LIVE participation is compulsory, as we believe in connecting, getting to know each other, after all, we are in the 'business' of humans connecting.

Talking about connection, cell salts are the connection between energy medicine (in this case homeopathy) and nutritional medicine. We introduced the cell salt ferrum phos this weekend in our Nutritional Medicine module.

Ferrum phos is known as the 'anti-inflammatory' cell salt or the 'oxygenator'. These are terms used to 'simplify' it's role in the body, BUT in homeopathy, no remedy or cell salt is 'anti-' anything. If anything ferrum phos cell salt helps regulate inflammation, it helps with regulating oxygen transport, it helps with regulating energy production etc.

Ferrum phos is useful for....

- inflammation

- low iron including anaemia

- low ferritin

- thyroid issues

- low oxygen

- low energy

- ear infections

- vertigo

- heavy periods

- sleep apnea

Iron itself is to be avoided during an active infection.....

But ferrum phos is not like an iron supplement. Ferrum phos cell salt is good to take in the winter months, as the season changes there is an increase 'catching' a flu, getting a cold, having a fever. It seems odd, as iron supplements are not recommended during an active infection, even the body sequesters iron into a storage form called ferritin when there is an infection in the body but ferrum phos is fine. Why is this? Well, iron feeds an infection, but the cell salt ferrum phos does not do this. It actually supports immunity.

Iron is also vital for thyroid health

Iron is a crucial mineral in the 'making; of the thyroid hormone. This is why some people can actually be diagnosed a 'hypothyroid'. In some cases it is an iron issue, not a thyroid issue. The thyroid gets the blame. So if you are diagnosed' with hypothyroid, get all your iron levels checked.

Ferrum Phos during pregnancy

This is an important cell salt during pregnancy, especially vomiting during pregnancy. As iron is vital for thyroid hormone and some women who have awful ‘morning sickness’ may actually just need a good boost of iron in the form of ferrum phos. This cell salt can be taken through the whole pregnancy. Thyroid hormone health is also vital for the development of the baby's brain.

Ferrum Phos for infections

This cell salt is best taken as soon as there is any indication of inflammation, such as runny nose, feeling bit shivery, feeling like a cold is coming on, first signs of any acute illness that may also include throbbing pain, heat and swelling.

We have used ferrum phos cell salt successfully for

- colds

- flus

- low oxygen states such as asthma

- lethargy

- mastitis

- ear infections

- 'brewing' tooth infection

- fevers

Low energy

It makes sense that ferrum phos helps with lethargy or low energy, as this low energy may be due to lack of oxygen, or low iron etc BUT we run on ATP, which is adenosine tri-PHOSphate, and ATP is our currency of energy, that PHOS in ferrum phos helps with ATP levels.

Also iron is vital for ATP production too, not just the 'phos' in ferrum phos. The so-called electron transport chain which helps make ATP, has iron in the 'chain'.

If you are moving into winter, or feeling a bit under the weather, ferrum phos, can help. Two pills twice a day or even 3 pills three times a day on the first sign of an infection will help. One can continue taking the ferrum phos for a few weeks following the 'infection'.

With anaemia it can be taken long term whilst the root cause is being addressed, such as heavy bleeding, or poor nutrition, or poor gut health, etc. Ferrum phos can be taken along side iron supplements, but always check iron levels, as the need for iron supplements may reduce once ferrum phos salts are added.

Ferrum phos for girls during the puberty years and for women during peri-menopause when the cycles are irregular and there can be more frequent bleeding, ferrum phos can be useful.

Ferrum phos can also help with some issues arising from sleep apnea, BUT again work on the root cause of the sleep apnea too.

Cell salts are not like nutrition supplements they are more subtle, yet powerful.

How much do I take?

This is very individual, if in doubt check with your practitioner. Generally, in acute times, three pills twice a day for about 5 days, then can reduce to one pill twice a day for the next 4 weeks. Some choose to take ferrum phos throughput a certain stage in life or through a season such as the winter season.

If in doubt check with a professional.

Cell salts are available in most health food stores and in homeopathic pharmacies.

TO WHOLE-ness!

From the team at the New School Of Nutritional Medicine.

Learn about the Founder & Principal of the New School of Nutritional Medicine, Dr Khush Mark PhD HERE.

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