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The Wonderful World Of Cell Salts, Part II

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

If you have not yet read Part I, it may help to read that blog first HERE. AND we have put together an informative e-course on the 12 naturopathic cell salts course integrated with nutrition, that you can purchase below and do in your own time.

For clarification cell salts are not the same as homeopathic remedies. Yes they are succusssed and potentised, but they are at lower potencies.

How do I take them, when do I take them? Before answering those questions, let's look at mineral salts in themselves.

At the School, we will be teaching what we know to date the 33 cell salts, but the twelve are the main ones that we call ‘macro-minerals’ (in more nutritional terms) they serve in a lot of the biochemical processes in the body. For now, let’s focus on the basic cell salts.

Cell salts as the name implies is about the health of the cell, Dr. Schuessler believed if the health of the cell was 'well and in good' then the overall health of the body would be in good shape too. In other words, cellular health equates overall health.

Now in the 21st century, his teachings are more truer than ever. We now know these minerals or these elements play vital roles in various cellular processes that Schuessler would not have even known about in his day. This is where the other salts, minerals come in such as selenium, zinc, cobalt etc. and this is why we are integrating them into the School curriculum, staying with the times.

Imagine a mobile phone on 40% charge and you have left home with it......

You are out all day, and you have received calls, you have even managed to scroll through a few social media platforms whilst travelling on the bus to meet your mates. All is good.

Suddenly, you notice your mobile phone is now on 5% charge and you are apprehensive that your kids or your elderly parent may not be able to get a hold of you if the battery goes flat. This creates symptoms, you are getting worried, you start to frantically text message the children to let them know you will be home and that the phone is running out of juice. You may even feel hot and experience slight tremors as you are just concerned your children may need to contact you and the phone may be totally 'out of charge'.

This is the same with the cell salts, we have this deposit of these minerals, these cell salts, the spark plugs to our biochemistry. So when they are fully topped up, all is good, the body is resilient, which means its ability to adapt to change is healthy.

Over time, these stores can start to run low, especially when our nutrition is no longer a priority, stress can be a major player which ‘zaps’ nutrients. Picking up a coffee with a croissant on the way to work may not be the ticket to a fully charged resilient healthy body, but it’s ok, you keep going. You are healthy, there are people around you with all sorts of chronic health conditions, you are doing 'good'.


Imagine this is going on for months to years......

….That mobile phone battery is rapidly dropping in charge. Once in a while you get a 'top up' by taking some time out, eating well, getting a massage, seeing a life coach …but mostly you are living the 'high' life in the sympathetic nervous system mode.

So as the body uses up certain minerals, they will start to deplete and as they are not being ‘topped up’ (as one is living in a sympathetic state of mind and body), symptoms start to appear.

These symptoms may be acid reflux, just a little burning at meal times, you know exactly what to do, you start taking Nat Phos (natrum phosphoricum) the so-called ant-acid cell salt. All is good, no more acid reflux. Few months later, it is back, no problem you take the nat phos but whoah, the nat phos is not ‘working’. You turn to Gaviscon. That helps, phew!

Life goes on, next thing you start to getting itchy skin, but there is nothing there that you can see, and you remember that nat phos can help with this. You take it and it gets a bit better but not much.

Few months later you start to experience heart palpitations, so you get checked out and nothing, you get the all clear, you are relieved. You remember good old ‘kali phos and mag phos’ cell salts which can help with heart symptoms specifically stress symptoms. You start to take these and the symptoms clear up. All is good. You are still taking the Gaviscon as nothing else is helping the acid reflux.

Then few weeks later (or even a few months) you notice the heart palpitations are back and the same cell salts are not helping.


Why is this happening?

'Joe' above is depleted. He is running on ‘empty’ now, just a few cell salt pills ‘here and there’ is not enough now. His battery is flat, it needs a good time to recharge, not just a few hours or a few days, as it will just run out quicker. A quick 'top up' is no longer the answer.

So when taking cell salts keep this in mind, Cell salts can actually be like ‘magic’, growing pains in teenagers, acid reflux in new borns, thrush in a middle aged women can all clear up and totally resolve with a weeks if not days with the correct cell salts. That is because these individuals are not running on a near enough flat battery.

Topping Up?

We need to 'top up' our cell salts, so sometimes they need to be taken every day for months, several times a day and several pills a day. In some cases they are prescribed at 3 pills 3x a day and even more in some depleted cases. This is dependent on each case. This is why when some people take the 12 cell combination and feel it is doing nothing, which cell salt are you depleted in? 12 cell salt combo has all the 12 cell salts but what if you had more of a 'calc phos' cell salt deficiency or a 'selenium' deficiency?

To have a flat battery, does not mean you have to be crawling on all fours, or even tired and exhausted, these symptoms that one experiences will match the symptoms of the cell salt needed.

So if in any doubt check with your health practitioner. But replenishing our stores, keeping that battery charged, is important as we are living in the 21st Century where life is not what it was when Dr. Schuessler was around.

Learn how to use cell salts at home below

To WHOLEness!

From the team at The New School Of Nutritional Medicine

Learn about the Founder & Principal of the New School of Nutritional Medicine, Dr Khush Mark PhD HERE.

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