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Nutrition & Coaching: The Post Lockdown Era

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

We are seeing a change in the way we are teaching nutrition and coaching at the school. We are approaching students in this new era with a different energy. The 21st practitioner is a different breed. The post lock down energy is different, therefore we believe schools need to manage this new energy differently.

We believe in learning with the nervous system fully engaged.

The last few years has had an impact on every single person, whether we want to believe it or not, It is not that some people have been impacted, not loads of people but every single person. Even if you were overjoyed about getting paid without any work, you still will have been impacted. Your nervous system shows this.

Some have felt fearful about their health, the health of their loved ones, the health of their neighbours. Some have felt fearful about losing their freedom, their rights to travel wherever they like, their rights to sit at the same desk as those who chose a different medical route.

However, we look at it, we are seeing a change and this also includes our babies. Part two of this blog will be on new babies in the post lock down era.

Nutritional Therapy and Coaching

We are seeing some practitioners feeling lonely, isolated, practising via zoom and not meeting like minded practitioners to ‘bounce' ideas

off each other and be inspired and simply be part of a safe, like minded ‘community’. There has been rapid rise of online schools popping up, a surge of practitioners feeling m

ore lonely than in previous times….we recognise this as not being healthy in the long term.

Pre-lockdown there were ‘real’ person conferences, there were real live networking events. These keep practitioners connected, keeps them part of the larger collective, the energy is electric, energising and inspiring.

We need more ‘filled up’ practitioners, who are not burning out but who are charged with a ZEN not with adrenaline.

Our Integrated Nutrition Diploma Course

At the School we see students engaging in real life, sharing their stories, sharing their experiences, learning from each other, ‘catching lunch’ together, having a laugh etc. This is LIFE. We all learn from each other, students, lecturers, principals or whatever ‘fancy title’ people like to have nowadays. At the start of the day we all put our pants on the same way…or do we?

We believe learning and teaching in this post lock down era is different. Immersive learning is key at the School. When we teach, if a student has a relevant experience to share, we hear it, we break it down. we learn from it. This is not school, school. This is immersive learning. If a student has managed to shut their finger in the door on arrival, we support that student. We then immerse by prescribing Rapid Relief Homeopathy on the spot. We do not wait until the student goes home. Human life matters.

We want our students to connect with each other, to get to know each other, to support each other. We as a teaching team, admin team, support each other, connect with each other, why not the students? It just ends up being pure business otherwise.

As a teaching team we all run our own practices and we know what it is like to be a practitioner, between us we have at least 50 years of experience.


‘No man is an Island’ is one of our topics in year 2 when we teach about running a successful practice. We believe we cannot run a successful practice without the community of practitioners around us and our supervisors as learning support.


Nutrition and Coaching of the Nervous System

Moreso, since the lock down, there is an overwhelm of the nervous system, we are mindful of this. Because when we teach any module, be it in nutrition, in naturopathy, in coaching we step back and take a look at the WHOLE. Although it is trendy, we do not teach about prescribing a diet and supplements. The practice of prescribing Ashwagandha or any other adaptogen and get some ‘zzzzzzz’ sleep does not ‘cut it’. We teach the theory of coaching in the immersive coaching sessions.

Nowadays, an adaptogen is just that, a herb in concentrated dose. They have their place in the 21st century but they do not cure. We teach our students to look under the bonnet, so that students learn to look deeper or as some practitioners of nutrition say look 'further upstream'.

We also teach Rapid Relief Homeopathy, so when a client comes with an acute we can support them with rapid relief homeopathy as we then look under the ‘bonnet’. What has led then to this acute? What is going on for them? How are they doing life?……

Immersive Wellness Coaching

In the coaching sessions the students work in groups in every session from the very first weekend in year one. They learn to observe what is happening, how is the ‘coach’ feeling, how is the client feeling and how is the observer feeling. All three people can all feel very different emotions, feel different physical symptoms. Why is it that one person sitting in the same group may feel a plethora of feelings compared to their colleague in the same triad group? We teach about transference, projecting, co-regulation etc.

We encourage the understanding of embodiment and even experience it in sessions at times without knowing, especially when you are in a safe space. We teach how ‘embodiment’ may manifest in a nutrition setting or in a coaching session.

We know that each weekend at the School can be a therapeutic experience in itself until an assignment is set…just joking ;) But seriously, the weekend is what you make it. We provide the environment, the teaching, the vibe is a collective energy within the group, and we want everyone riding that vibe.

A well trained wellness coach is taught how to LISTEN, how to ask ‘clean’ questions with no agenda attached apart from allowing the client to come to their own ‘aha’ moments.

The wonder of the ‘AHA’ moments

Coaching in some circles has been sold as making 6 figure income, or how to achieve your goals, how to be a better practitioner etc…But coaching has actually much more depth than what one sees on the surface. If you like 6 figure incomes, so be it, go forth and multiply and share that with those you are helping. We teach our students as they train to be wellbeing coaches about various mindsets, these include

  • Money mindsets

  • The ‘lack’ mindset

  • ‘I am sick' mindset,

  • 'I can’t possibly do that' mindset

  • I am not enough mindset

  • 'What if' mindset

At the New School of Nutritional Medicine we believe the magic is in the inner work in order to be a 21st century practitioner. This is where the nervous system starts to unwind. The vagus nerve thinks ‘WOW, thanks you remembered yourself! …welcome to me, I am here for you’. Our students start with the ‘inner coaching’ work in year 1 of our 2 year part time integrated nutrition diploma course. What is the use of coaching others when you are carrying a whole load of baggage on your own back that is weighing you down. We want our students to be successful wholesome practitioners, who have boundaries, integrity, not to mention who are compassionate.

Two Year Part Time Integrative Nutrition Diploma Course

We want to see 21st century practitioners that understand 21st century Anatomy and Physiology. No single Anatomy and Physiology text book has the WHOLE. In fact we believe most of them are pretty dry. But we do our best to bring the LIFE FORCE into these subjects. These text books are written as if the body is segregated into parts and yet we know the PARTS are part of the WHOLE. No immune cell works without hearing from the vagus nerve, no pancreas works without the stomach releasing it’s acid.

The nutrition is 21st century relevant and the coaching is 21st century relevant, Rapid Relief Homeopathy is 21st century relevant. Simply put this 2 year part time Integrative Nutrition Diploma Course is for these times.

The teaching is so relevant that we have even a Rapid Relief Homeopathy module. As a coach, as a nutritional therapist, as a nutrition coach, as a nutritionist you can integrate further Rapid Relief prescribing into your practice.

We do not believe that dis-ease is the end point, we believe in educating the body back to healing, and the only way this can be done is by providing the body with the right environment which includes, nutrition, mindset, work and home environment, safety, shelter, community, connection, sense of belonging, sense of purpose.


'What will I be qualified as if I do the 2 year integrated Nutritional Diploma?' You will be simply and proudly qualified as an Integrative Nutritional Therapist. This means a nutritional therapist with the vital coaching skills. One may choose to pursue the coaching route only, that is fine, one may choose to pursue the nutrition route only that is fine too, and some will choose to practice both which is also great.

However, on qualifying, you can choose to 'call' yourself;

- well being coach

- integrative nutrition coach

- nutritional therapist

- nutritionist

- naturopathy

- naturopathic nutrition

- integrative nutritionist.

The course is fully certified in nutrition and coaching.

The teaching is wholly integrated, because we know that one modality alone, does not ‘cut it’ in the 21st century when we are surrounded by toxins (emotional and physical) and our food looks a 'tad' different and most are living in 'overwhelm'.

Come and visit us...

The New School of Nutritional Medicine has open days next year for those who are interested in joining us in September 2023…if you are interested and want to see how we ‘roll’ do email us to book a space. If you are out side of the 75 plus miles radius from London we offer online live learning otherwise we are here in Central London in the flesh!

To WHOLEness!

From the team at the New School of Nutritional Medicine

Learn about the Founder & Principal of the New School of Nutritional Medicine, Dr Khush Mark PhD HERE.

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