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Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Respiratory Syncytial Virus is a common respiratory virus, which tends to be mild and most recover in a week.

What is RSV? It is usually around the winter season, usually when there is a change of season and dare we say when there is also lots of 'indulging' like Halloween, Diwali and Thanksgiving time.

What are the symptoms?

Cold like symptoms, the symptoms can appear between three to five days after infection.

These symptoms include:

- coughing

- fever

- congested and/or runny nose

- sneezing

- sore throat

It goes without saying that food, sunlight, food based vitamin C, broth, hydration, cell salts can all help. It is winter here, elderberry syrup, low sugar foods, plenty of home made broths, are all part of our 'medicine cabinet'. Hugs, cuddles, helps engage with the healing part of the nervous system (especially through connection, see later) which boosts immunity and plenty of sleep and rest to that too.

Here is an article about the surge in RSV in the USA.


What this article misses is the VITAL, CRITICAL connection that human beings need to maintain health and well being. Is living a life of isolation and keeping masks on,, the way forward? Did you know that the ventral vagal system relies on EYE contact? When a baby has no language or limited language he/she is reliant on his/her carer/guardian for his mental and physical well being. The way the baby engages through facial expressions is a key aspect of the heal and repair nervous system, aka the parasympathetic nervous system. A baby needs to be able to recognise facial expressions, to connect with the eyes of his/her carer. Wearing a mask and being isolated, hinders the engagement of this healing part of the nervous system. Is it not time that our babies, infants and children get back to connecting with others? Learn to safely and richly self regulate? This self regulation is also KEY in educating the immune system. If you wan to understand more about the ventral vagus system, have a look into the work of Stephen Porges.

We have some wonderful Rapid Relief homeopathy remedies for the above symptoms, and as always be mindful. If you are concerned and your child is not getting better see a professional.

Remedies for RSV vary according to the symptoms.

Homeopathy works on a 'like cures like' basis. In other words we match the remedy to the symptoms.

With homeopathy, you want to match the correct remedy to your symptoms, not just any random remedy off the list. WHY? Because in homeopathy it is about ‘like treats like’…typical example is if you drink coffee and get all ‘wired and hyper’, to alleviate those symptoms one can take the homeopathic remedy made from coffee called Coffea cruda. Taking a remedy made from chocolate will not do the trick. So it is all about matching, a bit like a game of BINGO or snap.


Some of the common Rapid Relief homeopathy remedies for RSV:


Fearful, tickle and irritation of the throat, hard and dry cough, rapid breathing, lethargy, cough worse from twilight to midnight, better lying on right side


Dryness, dry lips maybe cracked, dry cough, thirsty, irritable, worse on moving, splitting headache. May have rusty coloured jelly like phlegm


Dry raw cough, difficult to bring up any phlegm, hoarseness of the voice, worse on swallowing, difficulty swallowing like a choking sensation. Pain in hips. Worse in the morning. Better warm air and damp, wet weather

Ant Tart

Rattling of the chest, can be lethargic, cold, pale face, difficulty in breathing relieved by burping, symptoms can be worse in the nighttime when lying down

Kali Bich

Hacking cough with strings of sticky yellow mucus. Rattling of chest in sleep, better lying in bed and wrapped up warm. Worse after eating and drinking

Hepar Sulph

A cough that is hoarse and rattling, yellow phlegm. Can be very sensitive to drafts which can set off the coughing

Homeopathic remedies can be used at 30c and/or 200c. But we find 30c helpful in acutes.


Cell salts are always such great little helpers

The following cell salts can be helpful:

  • Ferrum Phosphoricum: initial stages of illness/inflammation

  • Kalium Muriaticum: second stage of illness, more when that cough gets rattly..when there is mucous.

You can order these cell salts from any of the homeopathic pharmacies. Cell salts are always at the lower potencies of 3x, 6x, 12x even 9x unlike the homeopathic remedies. One can take two pills, twice a day or even more of these cell salts during the acute infection and reduce to 2 pills twice a day for a few more weeks. You can use these along side the indicated homeopathic remedy.

ALSO homeopathic remedies can also be ordered from the homeopathic pharmacies too.

Please note all information provided is for educational purposes, always seek the advise of your health practitioner.

We are running webinars series on various relevant topics from the New Year. Our Cell salts course will be re-running again so do sign up to the newsletter to stay in the loop.

To WHOLEness!

From the team at the New School of Nutritional Medicine

Learn about the Founder & Principal of the New School of Nutritional Medicine, Dr Khush Mark PhD HERE.

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