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The Wonderful World of Cell Salts, Part I

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Founded by Schuessler (a German doctor who went onto study homeopathy), cell salts (also known as tissue salts) should be in every practitioner's tool box. How do nutritional therapists not know about these gems?

The cell salts are like a marriage between nutrition and homeopathy. They are diluted and succussed, they are easily assimilated, so unlike minerals supplements in nutritional therapy cell salts do not rely on the digestive system, and some are very fast acting, such as ferrum phos, kali phos, mag phos, to name a few.

Cell salts can be taken for a long period of time, no side effects, they are used in the prevention and 'treatment' of dis-ease by addressing deficiencies. So they are unlike homeopathy in this sense. Homeopathy is about 'like treats like', this is where cell salts also differ from homeopathy per se.

When Schuessler developed these cell salts, he did not know about the sodium-potassium pump that is present in every cell, he did not know about the consistency of the intra-cellular or extra-cellular fluid. He did not know about the calcium channels, these were all discovered later, YET, these cell salts are vital for nourishing these fluids, as well as working with calcium channels.

These cells salts are basically prepared like homeopathic remedies apart from the fact that they are 'titurated' and they are at lower potencies than the homeopathic remedies. Titurated means mixed in with lactose powder. Schuessler did get side tracked by the more material scientists, and he veered more towards the cellular theory, than the 'vital force' theory. BUT these cell salts by supporting deficiencies do then enhance well being and therefore the vitality of a person.

The potency of the cell salts can vary but they will always be 12x or lower (such as 6x, 9x but not above 12x), this basically means that if one decided to take these cell salts into a lab to see what was in there, they would find some of the cell salt material unlike potencies above 12x. All that is left above 12x is the signature of the remedy and any sane 'materialistic' scientist would think you were utter bonkers in believing a homeopathic remedy actually works as there is effectively 'nothing' there


In Schuessler's time, although other minerals were known, they were not made into or used as cell salts

The standard 12 cells salts are taught at homeopathy schools, but there are more. Schuessler based the cell salts on what he believed were the main ones in the body. As nutritional therapists these 12 main cells salts make up the so-called macro-minerals apart from iron, which seemed to have 'slipped' in (ferrum phos).

Now we know of other vital key minerals, that are known as micro-minerals such as selenium, zinc, molybdenum, cobalt, iodine...all these have important roles in the body too and they can also be taken in these potentised and succussed form.

We have a cell salt Manganum sulph and this is great as an anti-oxidant. Managenese is a key mineral in the famous anti-oxidant enzyme called Superoxide Dismutase (known as SOD), therefore this salt can be important in all sorts of conditions where oxidation and inflammation is an issue, such as in rheumatoid arthritis. The addition of sulphur also helps with detox, and in homeopathy sulphur homeopathic remedy is known to 'detox' the body and as nutritional therapists we know sulphur is vital in the phase 2 of the liver detox pathways (known as sulphation).

We have selenium met which is simply potentised and succussed selenium which has been fab during CV, selenium is a important mineral in immunity, and when our immune system is active more than is required it will use up various minerals including selenium, it can be helpful in those cases of shingles, also vital in thyroid health.

In essence, cell salts are a nutritional therapists dream...they just 'fit in' so well, especially as our top soils are more depleted and some people's guts just do not assimilate the mineral supplements as well as the cell salts.

Cell salts are different to homeopathic remedies, in that they are more focused on cellular health versus a more constitutional homeopathic remedy which is focused on the whole.

We are integrating all the traditional 12 cell salts as well as the extras into the curriculum at the New School, and they will be taught throughout the two years as the various systems and biochemical pathways are taught so they 'gel' in the grey matter.

If you want to dive in and learn about the 12 cell salts, we have put together a practical and informative e-course, with not only the information on each of the 12 cell salts but the nutritional aspect of the minerals. We cover teeth, we cover bones, we cover the liver, we cover 'jangled nerves' and more. You can do this e-course in your own time, and you get life time access too.

To WHOLEness!

From the team at The New School Of Nutritional Medicine

Learn about the Founder & Principal of the New School of Nutritional Medicine, Dr Khush Mark PhD HERE.

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