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What if it all works out? Part 1

As a practitioner and educator, I have never really found myself 'catastrophizing' but as a mother, that is another story. I will be sharing my story about what it was like to start a naturopathic nutrition practice back in 2002 without social media and what it is like to run a practice with all the 'paraphernalia' of social media now.

I remember when I was just qualifying as a naturopath, I had a huge 'melt down' of sorts.

We were living in New York and it hit me that I was nearly graduating as a naturopath, all those Americans were super duper confident, loud, and took up their rightful space in this world.

BUT me I was playing small, the fear had kicked in, ........

  1. I have never ran a business before

  2. I have never asked people to pay me for my services?

  3. I have never had to think about where next month's 'wages' are coming from?

  4. I have never had to look for a clinic space, what does that even look like, or feel like?

  5. I have never been responsible for people's health before in this capacity?

  6. I have never had to think about contracts with people?

  7. I have never had to learn how to use power point? ,,nowadays I use Canva for my presentations...but stay with me here.

  8. I have never had strangers tell me their life story, what if I start to cry with them in the session?

  9. What if I make them worse?

  10. Oh my gosh what if I 'kill them' with what I advise?

The 'What If's' kicked in big time. Can you imagine a baby saying, "what if I scratch-up my knees if I start to crawl, what if I fall if I start to walk? I think I will just stay in this pram for the rest of my life! Stay small, not take up much space."

Have the 'WHAT IFs' kicked in for you? Do you see the patterns?

Well my husband sat me down and took out those colourful stickie labels and said 'we are going to write down all your strengths and weaknesses on each stickie label'.

The mindset of fear

You know the biggest weakness? It was not even a weakness it was a mindset called FEAR. I was in any danger? Was my life under threat? Was my health under threat? Were my my loved ones unsafe? This FEAR was all in my head but was creating such a storm and such resistance.

FEAR before I even started my practice, fear before I even had qualified, fear before I even enjoyed my last weekend of training at the University with all those amazing like-minded human beauties.

So, I had to think on my 'strengths' and 'What if it all works out?' Just 'what if it does all go well'? What if people's lives change for the better with a nudge from me? What if I have the most beautiful and inviting clinic space that is 'safe and calm'?

Have you asked yourself 'what if it all works out?'

In Part 2 , I will be answering those 'What Ifs' of mine above and how I started. What was going on in my crazy wonderful mind. As I write this newsletter it has made me reflect back on my own journey, if I had let that 'What if' stop me, I would not have seen people heal from chronic diseases that in main stream medicine are so-called not 'healable' ...(the word treat cannot be used by alternative practitioners) and to imagine being 'stuck' in a laboratory researching with DNA samples would have had utterly miserable. I would not have been able to spend as much time a I got to spend with my boys whilst they were little, I would not have been able to go into Schools to 'give my two pence worth' when the boys needed me, I would not have been able to home educate them for 9 years so they could feel safe and secure. I would not have met so many wonderful people who work in the same world as me. I would not have started The New School Of Nutritional Medicine to train others to do what I do and more...Although trained in Transformational Therapy, I am now also studying Life Coaching, as the students have inspired me. I have not had any concerns about not having money each month since I started my practice, my fire was and is passion. Passion and determination fuels a successful 'business' and I am not stuck waiting for a pension whilst doing the 9 to 5 grind. ...So for now, challenge yourself to reflect on your 'goals' some of you have emailed about joining the School and you have certain fears, this is pretty normal but fear can also be excitement in disguise... the mind starts playing all sorts of tricks. Why not write out your strengths and weaknesses for now....just start with that one step. And see you here next week. Dare to think 'What if it all works out?' To WHOLEhealth! From Khush!

The New School of Nutritional Medicine, has an accredited nutrition course as well as an accredited life coaching course. The integrated diploma course is both in Nutritional Medicine and in Life coaching.

Learn about the Founder & Principal of the New School of Nutritional Medicine, Dr Khush Mark PhD HERE.

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