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Where Is Your Head At?

Updated: May 11, 2023

By Debbie Fisher

Our thoughts, emotions and beliefs shape our reality.

What you believe becomes true for you, so it’s well worth thinking more about what we do want, not just what we don’t! When we can be more intentional about what we want and let go of things that no longer serve us, we can move forward towards the life we want to live.

Bringing coaching and nutrition together is a way of helping mind and body work together in synchronicity. With the support of a coach who we trust, we are able to clarify what it is we really want and identify what’s holding us back. That helps us open ourselves up to the healing we need, rebalancing our physical and mental systems to work together and this helps us move towards the future we want.

One of our core principles in coaching is that the client is resourceful, and what that means here is that the person has the agency to make changes in their life. They may need some additional knowledge and/or support to make those changes like a nutritionist or a coach (or even better both skill sets in one practitioner, an integrated practitioner) to help them shift their lifestyle or behaviours but fundamentally we hold a belief that the person is capable of healing, capable of change.

It’s not always easy to do this as we have to let go of beliefs, habits and patterns that no longer serve us. Identifying them and then changing or releasing them can be an instantaneous transformational shift or it can be a continuous process, it’s different for everyone but either way change is possible and getting the right support is the accelerator.

Find out more about how we are raising a generation of 21st century practitioners to become integrated nutritional therapists and coaches to help people make effective and sustainable lifestyle and health changes.

Our online 'open days' are now open for bookings. We are very excited to not only meet our future students but celebrating our current students first year at the School. It has been an absolute joy and adventure for us to be raising 21st century practitioners.

If you are interested in studying with us, book a place below and we look forward to sharing our vision and answering any of your questions. Hope to 'see you there'.

To well being!

from the team at the New School Of Nutritional Medicine.

Learn about the Founder & Principal of the New School of Nutritional Medicine, Dr Khush Mark PhD HERE.

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