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Accredited Integrated Nutrition Course: Nutrition, Coaching, Rapid Relief Homeopathy

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Questions, Questions, Questions...

- Yes the course is accredited, it is an integrated nutrition accredited course

- Yes, it is 2 years part time

- Yes, it is one weekend a month and in total 20 weekends

- Yes, it is online and LIVE participitation is required (online if 75 miles + radius out side of London

- Yes, we record the sessions so you can watch them. Repetition is the mother of all learning

- Yes, you are provided lecture notes

- Yes, you get a private student portal

- Yes, we are based in London in Regent's University

- Yes, you qualify to apply to one of the most prestigious coaching governing bodies

More questions about the course? ....Read on .....

Why is this certified holistic nutrition course only 2 years, when most are 3 or 4 years?

This question deserves a little more attention. Firstly, some nutrition courses are degree courses, so they are naturally longer courses. Our certified integrated holistic nutrition course is not a degree course, it is a diploma course. Why? Our vision is to train and raise 21st century practitioners to become certified in holistic integrated nutrition and use this learning, use this qualification to benefit family, friends, neighbours, communities and beyond. This does not require a degree and yes you can build a practice in coaching and nutrition following this accredited integrated nutrition course.

We do not expect anyone to do the course to become a surgeon or a medical doctor, a dentist, an optometrist from the integrated nutrition diploma course. So we believe you do not need to know about the 'Anatomy and Physiology' of each cell type of the skin or each cell type of the eyes or cheeks but we do believe in understanding and integrating the fundamentals of anatomy and physiology as well as the nutritional biochemistry. You do not require a degree in biochemistry or anatomy and physiology to do qualify as an integrated holistic nutritionist or nutrition coach for that matter.

As a previous graduate said "although I have a BSc in biochemistry and a MSc in Toxicology, I learned more real relevant science on the nutrition training".

We believe in order to join this school and to set yourself up for success, a student requires passion, engagement during sessions, and intrinsic drive. With these ingredients we believe you will make a difference in the health and well being of families, friends, community and beyond. If you want to do a 3 or 4 year course there are others courses out there. We differ in that we are offering something that is more 21st century 'centric', which is the amalgamation of nutritional medicine, coaching and Rapid Relief Homeopathy.

- Yes you will qualify as an Integrated Nutritional Therapist

- Yes you will be able to become a member of the EMCC to be a coach

- No you will not qualify as a homeopath

If you want to qualify as a homeopath then this is not the course for you. Yes, we do teach Rapid Relief Homeopathy and yes you can be insured to use this in practice, but we do not teach homeopathy for chronic conditions. Here is a blog on how you would use homeopathy for Rapid Relief for Hay fever as an example.

Integrated nutrition certification programme

We can spread out the two year integrated nutrition certification programme to three years but why? You pay another extra £4000, we need to then 'pad it out' but we do not want to.

Most graduates from 'alternative medicine' institutions continue to study after qualifying, whether they obtain a BSc, MSc or a diploma, because not only is this field changing by the year, most of our applicants/students are life long learners, and they are passionate about learning and progressing in their 'career'. So if you this resonates with you, we invite you to apply.

The learning

At the New School, you will apply your learning from weekend one in year one, from the 'get go'. We do not wait until you get that 'certificate' in your hand. We learn by doing, by applying what is being shared each teaching weekend. We will also be teaching you how to build an integrated nutrition practice from the first weekend if that is your goal.

It is an integrated HOLISTIC nutrition course in the teaching methodology

The teaching of biochemistry, i.e. the science that is involved in nutritional medicine, is also INTEGRATED into the nutrition medicine module. If we are speaking of being truly holistic, then the course should be truly holistic, right? Why would biochemistry be taught at a different time on a different day or even a different year to nutrition, when biochemistry actually comes into the nutrition? How can one teach the methylation cycle just on it's own, it is like being a kid at school, a tad out of context. Our teaching in in context holistic health and wellbeing.

Why would Rapid Relief Homeopathy be taught as a stand alone, when it crosses over with the nutrition pharmacology? Is it not more integrated to understand fevers from a physiological perspective, nutrition perspective, homeopathic perspective, coaching perspective all in one integrated course?

Fever as an example on the integrated nutrition certification program

So imagine a mother who has a child with a fever, if she is confident, knows what to expect then she will more than likely 'see' it through with more ease for her child. But some mothers worry and get out the paracetamol (aka Calpol, Tylenol etc). Some mothers do not know how paracetamol works, but they know they have to get back to work in 2 days and that paracetamol will do the' trick'...but will it in the long term? Are we robbing Shiva to pay Davinder? We discuss and teach about the importance of not only the natural healing process but how medication impacts nutritional needs.

Nutrition pharmacology module: In the nutrition module understanding drugs is important. What is Paracetamol? How does it work in the body? Does it deplete any nutrients? Yes, it depletes glutathione. Glutathione is the body's super anti-oxidant, it plays a vital role in immunity. Paracetamol also requires sulphation for it's detoxification. So how does a little body do this? How can a 21st century practitioner work with a child and his mother that has been brought up on Paracetamol when the fevers were always suppressed, what does this mean nutrient wise? ...this is part of the nutrition medicine module.

Rapid Relief Homeopathy module: Look at the whole 'picture' of the child: Is he/she red? Irritable? Lethargic? Hungry? Is his/her body hot to touch? How about the feet and hands are they hot or cold? Is he/she worse at any particular time of the day? Does he/she want to be wrapped up? Does he/she wants the windows open? Is he/she craving ice? Which remedy can be prescribed for rapid relief? How about support with cell salts?

Coaching module: How is 'mum' or the main carer feeling? Are they scared? Fearful their baby may have seizures, they have heard awful stories. What does this fear bring up? How can you empower the mother in this situation? What can help her/him to connect with this 'panic'. When did they feel this fear before?

The nutrition coach

The two year accredited nutrition course and the two year accredited online nutrition course requires your participation, so it is LIVE even if you are online. We want to engage with our students, we want to see their smiles, their 'aha' moments, their raised eyebrows, their confused facial expressions. We are human BEings. Body language, facial expressions are part of our coaching curriculum. So much is said in what is 'Not said'. The extensive coaching module teaches about human language, not just the spoken human language.

We believe 'social connection' is a vital 21st century vitamin. When we connect, we heal, we grow, we develop.

This course is transformative not transactional

On the integrated nutrition medicine course, you will learn about how physiologically some people can heal, WITHOUT a single test or a single supplement, a single remedy, because that client's nervous system's connection with your presence, your energy, your understanding can create a shift in them. Yes, you may suggest some nutritional changes, yes, you may suggest some cell salts, yes, you may suggest some changes in life style habits, but that 'sacred space', that time with you is part of their healing process. This is taught and is part of the coaching curriculum. To be a coach takes some inner work too, this is a key aspect of the coaching module in year one.

This course is live participation whether you are a student online or in person in London. If you cannot participate live then this course will not 'work' for you. This is not a course about getting the 'knowledge' or 'showing up physically' and getting all the assignments done. It is about immersing your 'physiology', your nervous system in the 'learning' because this way it is transformative not transactional.

The world needs 21st century practitioners! We are ready to raise them!


From the team at the New School of Nutritional Medicine.

Learn about the Founder & Principal of the New School of Nutritional Medicine, Dr Khush Mark PhD HERE.

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