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Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Every one should see a coach, but then we would say that right? In the 21st century, as nutritional therapists, having life coaching skills is not an option but a necessity... Don't you think?

Imagine, in today’s age……You are in a job that asks for your ‘blood, sweat and tears’, and you are suffering from chronic back problems. You think it is because you are sitting all day at the desk in front of the computer, every now and then you get out for the odd lunch break and ‘meet day light’.

Getting to the root of the problem

Your nutritional therapist has you on an anti-inflammatory nutritional plan, not only to reduce the pain, but to address the high blood pressure. You start off well with the nutritional plan, you got rid of all the junk from the kitchen cupboards, replaced the fizzy drinks with some sparkling water and a squeeze of lime, it just gives it that ‘va va voom’ but nothing like the fizzy Fanta though. You have noticed that you have not had a gout ‘attack’ in over 6 weeks usually you have one every 2-3 weeks even whilst popping the ‘Allopurinol’. The uric acid meter is also showing healthy levels of uric acid, all is going well.

The blood pressure is still sitting high, but you don’t get the rushed feeling in the head anymore, and your pants are needing a belt to hold them up! . All is definitely going in the right direction.

On Tuesday it is the office meeting with the ‘big boss’, you have been feeling nervous and did not sleep very well. In the morning your uric acid levels tested high and this stresses you further. All that healthy eating, good sleeping habits in place, taking the supplements,‘typical, it never lasts’ you tell yourself yet again.

Following the Tuesday meeting, you cannot sit properly at the desk and can feel the twinges in the back, you start to feel the rush feeling in the head, ‘oh not again’. You have stuck to your nutritional plan, you have done all the right things and feel frustrated and stuck.

You go to a nutritional therapist with coaching skills...

She asks questions about your job…

  • what do you like about it?

  • what would you change about it?

  • what would ‘unstuck’ look like? …..you struggle to answer this, you have ‘been stuck’ for so long that you can’t even imagine being unstuck. Wow, what does ‘unstuck’ look like? What a thought provoking question, I have no answer, I am feeling ‘stuck’ again.

That silence in the session, just gets me every time, ‘Oh, gosh, I am feeling the pain in my back and the rush feeling in the head again. this is my back issue, this is my blood pressure issue'.

I have been ‘stuck’ and frustrated for so long, I cannot even imagine being ‘unstuck’.

I realise my prescription is not in a pill, it is not in food alone, but in my belief structure. I have been feeling stuck in my life, my back gets me stuck, my gout flare ups and gets me stuck as I can’t even walk when it flares, and I get frustrated. She explains that high blood pressure is also termed HYPER-TENSION….the penny drops.

The frustration is the tension.


The integration of coaching along side nutritional therapy is a powerful and healing combination.

At the school, students are coached in order to become successful practitioners. Being coached, through the two year course you not only experience being the ‘client’ but you also get to work on ‘you’, one of the important assignments on the course is your own development.

To raise 21st century practitioners, we believe in mentoring and coaching our students, so by the time you graduate you are confident and ready in YOURSELF first and foremost and thereby ready to go out into the world to empower others to be their best, physically, mentally and emotionally.

21st century practitioners have plenty of work ahead of them.

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